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Last Night

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popped out at 8.30 last neet to meet Mr wilks. I got to the place first and got my gear ready waiting on Mr wilks but it was not a long wait. first drop was at the far end of this farmers land and sheltered from the wind by a small wood and this would keep our scent from flowing down the field on to the rabbits. it was only 50 yds wide so we got it 1 net and and made our way out of the field in to the wood and a couple or fields across so we could get in to the other side of the field and walk it in.


field had short grass but both Mr wilks and I had thought it a nice length to hold the rabbits and we was expecting to catch here. we.tapped hazel pegs against our welly tops while walking in a zig zag back to the net but it was a bright night and the moon was casting a shadow on to the field and this was probably the reason why we didn't catch when placing the net it's starts off a blind drop but the last 20 yards you stand out and tonight the moon was the rabbits friend and had given us up.


we moved on closer to the farm and decided to go to near the top of the hill.and fun the net on an old disused farm track that had long been grassed over and now only served the grazing cattle. it had sheep netting on the top side and trees with Warrens under neath on the bottom side. and about 200 yards long maybe a touch longer. starting at the east end we run 100yds out left 25yd without net then run another 50 and set of walking in to position. it was not a big field but it was a blind drop on a bright night and worth a go.


I got.in to the field and turned left walking the first 25 yds in on my own as wr wilks had offered to stand in the gate to detter the rabbits from coming through. once I was level we both walked the field pushing anything that might be out towards the net. often you here a rabbit squeel as it hit the nets but not tonight. I was expecting an empty net was thinking tonight wasn't to be my night. we walked the net and killed it off finding 4 big rabbits and a chewed through top line.


picked up.the two good nets and threaded the running line back through on the damaged net and tied in a knot while there's was 2 of us then it just needs a splice in the morning.


not the biggest catch but we were both happy with it especially with it been so bright a night



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Nice little write up, the amount of rabbits does not matter, the fact that you were out and doing a bit is all that counts.



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Good write up Smithie. :thumbs: Had a wee walk out myself on sunday night which was a real bad idea with how im feeling. I was almost belly up myself picking the last of the nets up :doh:

I'll get a post up the morra once i get the photo's off this bloody android thingy :icon_redface:

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