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Is it new plastered walls? If not it could be a number of problems ie... damp rising when paint is applied to the problem areas its call3d effavecence pardon the spelling were the moisture from the wall is trapped between the film coating of the viynl silk!

You could try a eggshell finish to solve the problem.

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I've been getting this problem recently with the second coat of silk (raised dimples about 5mm diameter)

Had the dulux rep out and he reckons the first coat wasn't dry..... It bloody was!!!!

I'll let you know if they come up with any other reason.

Cheers, Matt

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happened to me last year on a new plastered wall,i let it dry right out before i started to paint it left it a full 24 hours before second coat was put on ,it bubbled like mad re done it it done the same again got the plasterer out who done it he said something was re acting against the new plaster he stripped it re done that small part problem solved ,i dont know what caused it

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