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What Is The Best ?

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Hi BigMac the Daystates ive got are fairly new and ive not had any problems as such, and whilst they are good rifles they are not excellent rifles like the HW100, and has they are nearly double the price of the 100 enough said.


:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:


Hope you have the one,s that they built before they had the hang overs lol

or the bad day


after all the posts about them it must be in the back of your head WHEN not if


ME i like the look of them


but would not have one


thats it im starting to sound like VM


im off


atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs:

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Mate of mine posted me this, this morning

Hi, mate, if you know anyone that may be interested I have decided to sell my HW100 thumbhole rifle as a full set up, ie mtc viper 4-16x50, hawk sport hd 4-12x40, slip, bi pod, 7ltr filling bottle etc, all as new as only used it the once at meon range to zero scope, all about seven months old but I'm just not getting time to use it.

Being his mate..I told him he was a fanny, and keep it lol

it's a .177, have all the fitting that came with gun and scopes, dive bottle was also new when I bought it, all I think it cost me £1400 so looking for £750
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What ! What did you mumble Rez ? speak a bit louder lad - 100 ? 100 what :tongue2:


You mean HW 100 "Don`t ya" :boogy:





Get stuffed Mark! :D


They are good. For a grand, I doubt you can get better.


Boring though ;)



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Have a look at the BSA ultra or scorpion both very , very good guns and even more after they have been regged by XTX AIR

If you have the money go for HW100KT in any cal,these are already regged, as you can see this is a HW100 forum now :laugh:

IMO do not touch daystate ,over rated ,over priced crap :yes:

AA s410 is a cracking good gun as well ,but not regged ,i just prefer regged guns , no sweet spots ,no power curves.


My chose would be HW100k or kt and thats why i have two of them ,one in .177 and .22 love them both :thumbs:


Hello villaman

I think I will end up with a hw100kt but what is regged ? is it set never to get to 12flbs ?

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For £1,000 expenditure on a PCP rifle and kit I would agree with the choice of an HW100. :thumbs:

:hmm: Buy a Daystate HUNTSMAN REGAL and, unfortunately, chances are you will have to spend a bit of extra money with an independant gunsmith to tune it to full power and sort out a few loose-fitting bits like the barrel sleeve from rotating a quarter turn everytime you want to change your silencer, chrono-check it and plug the odd leak.

If you do that, you end up with a really fine rifle. My Regal is proving a really superb performance hunter -now I've paid someone for all that work to finish off Daystate's job for them. But why should you in the first place?


I've always been a devotee of Weihrauch spring rifles and if their PCP is anything like as good, it will be beautiful.

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