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Evening Gents, I was given the go ahead to copy the R10 designed by a member on the Slingshot Community Forum, the first one I used the 1940's oak board with ply, I'm not 100% sure of the strength of the oak (being 75ys old) so I've left the forks quite chunky. When I finished it I felt that it didn't do justice to the design (plus me adding a palm swell) so for the second one I've used best quality Welsh Slate which I am 101% sure of (170 million yrs old), I'm a 7th generation stone carver in my family and have been working this grade of slate for the past 40 years. Their are now only 2 mines left in Wales that supply this grade/quality of slate used for Architectural and Monumental purposes, it's a carvers dream. As to the design, it's so far my best catapult for the way it fits my hand, just feels right, my accuracy with both of them is right in there , really enjoying shooting with them.

I have posted about these first on the other forum to thank the chap for letting me copy his design.

My apologies if you have already read this post.

ATB Chisler


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How much would you sell the slate one for ?

I want to keep this one, it feels like silk in my hand yet does not slip or move, I would make another one, this one took me 2 evenings, all carved out by hand with hammer and chisel, finished off wet rubbed with diamond pads,no power tools used (I'm a bit of a 'Ludite when it comes to carving :icon_redface: ) if you don't mind me asking what would you think it's worth.



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IDK....BUT I THINK YOU COULD ASK FLIPPING OUT CUSTOM PRICES FOR THE SLATE......Not yelling just rasing my voice with my hat off....I seen this catty posted a bit ago and thought it was cool.......Go to simpleshot.com and see what Nathan THE Masters gets for his customs,

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