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No I know he's a cnut basically


can remeber loads of shiit with him about two years ago something to do with him attacking his grandmother or something.


Some tw@ts have reared their heads again just want to publically humiliate the fuucker :laugh: :laugh:

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He's a proper little weasel, not so brave with grown men, he hide's behind a camera most of the time, always slagging the old bill off and then when he get's a slap he run's straight to them!!!!!!

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I wrote in three emails to that show and every one was ignored ... They had some idiot on talking about the shooting of badgers saying that the badgers are shot at with a shotgun and a few pellets will hit them and they take over twenty minutes to die .........

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First class Cnut, he needs spading


He was knocked out while out sabbing the local hunt and ran to the police :whistling:


the tosser turned up at the court case and demanded to be hidden away until he was giving evidence

three of them were hoping to get £1500 compo but the bench gave them £35 each :laugh::laugh:

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