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New Harris Hawk


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http://s1335.photobucket.com/user/mikee1261/media/harris%20hawk/CAM00315_zps640e1385.jpg.html?filters[user]=138680493&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=2   New harris hawk named lucky, got last

Forget the dummy if you can, get a carcass, and let her feed up on that, you MAY have to drop her weight slightly to get her going but get her our hunting asap, she wil come on leaps and bounds.

if she's flying instant and seems to be getting bored of creance training then like cc says try her on a dead carcass let her feed up on it then get her weight back down and get her hunting try get a

Thankyou very much, i was a bit dubious about this bird at first, the place i got her wasnt good at all, she was kept in a 6x4 garden shed that still had all the tools in it and had no space, she was terrified of the fella and looked a bit of a state, you may ask why i bought her and i still dont no myself i think pity more than anything, not the right reason to buy i no,but ive had her since last saturday and she is manning down well very steady, non footy and silent, i have brought her weight down gradually, she is now flying the full length of the creance to me, with best responce at 2.2.2-2.2.6 at this weight she is pretty much instant not having to wait mor than 20-30 seconds on a couple of. Occasions, so im goning to do a bit more creance work and hen get the dummy out and see how she reacts to it and hopefully she wont be far off, atb Mike

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Took lucky to the back field today for some more creance work, her response was the bestyet at a weight of 2.2.6, she was coming instantly everytime even sometimes coming before she was called (which she didnt get rewarded for) half way through her rations we had a break and did some jump ups, then straight back on the creance to finish of, ver pleased with her today best day on the creance yet. Just one question, i am walking her back to her perch everytime, should i be doing this or should i make her fly?? Atb Mike

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