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Freya Female Harris Hawk

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Might as well start the diary now. Finally found a weight I'm getting a good consistent response at, gonna fly her on the creance again tommorow, then free fly her Friday when her telemetry mounts fitted.


This is from today



This hawks totally green, never hunted before and is 3 year old ish so see how it goes. Thanks

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Had freya out for a walk about with a mate and his new female today. Before long we spotted a hare and had a chase on that, both birds caught up to it but I let mine off a little late and my mates lac

Kill number 1: And we're off, missed a rabbit after a determined flight. Then the ferret bolted two rats. A big and little one at the same time. The hawk took off the fist and smashed the first one a

Nice mate, my bird had one ferreting today

Bit pissed off today. Bird went free but after being fine all day the wind picked up when I went out. Flew her once to the creance then let her free but she was blown all over and didn't handle the trees too well so called it a day. Hopefully it will be fine tommorow if not will go into the woods and try improve her tree finesse because as is she's useless aha

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The joys of hunting.


It's typical that after all this unusually nice weather until now it's getting windy when your able to do something. I feel for you wind ruined last season for me. Hopefully it blows itself out soon.

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Just got in and had a really enjoyable hour out. Hawk was at ideal weight but with the wind o decided to go into the woods. Had one flight on a squirrel that she flew hard but lost in the trees. Only flight we had but her response has been bang on. Just needs to learn to pick the right branches for the trees instead of trying to land on bunch of leaves and she will be fine.

Only had an hour because I've been out with my mates golden eagle. Put some miles in and didn't see 1 hare!

Finished off by him catching a ferreted rabbit.

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