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Roe Buck

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Had a look out before dark to a spot I'd been watching for awhile, I managed to get a decent shot on a nice buck, the doe and kids where not far whilst the buck happily ate leaves...still in his mouth as you can see, I dropped him just as he went for another mouthful with a kneck shot...


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I know were that was from :whistling: Many hare's on that field when you were there???


Butler this one was further down the road, were I give the farmer a hand, there all over at the minute...but the field you mentioned yes theres still a few hares about, last time I was on there seen quite a lot of deer too, a lot of youngsters though..

I got a few rabbits to top the freezer up, them ferrets can get through some grub nikey their like little locusts :D..

Anyway get practising with the longnets, theres a field there thats a bunny metropilis. :icon_eek:

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