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  1. Lukey.


    They are the only job mate and well worth the money
  2. Lukey.

    wish i had these 2 with me

    Were was that mate, I live near there,....there are foxes running about all over the place about this way out on the streets
  3. Lukey.

    a good day out

    Good bag wellone lads
  4. Lukey.

    im new and not got a clue

    Sound man,...Nice talking to you shoulnt take you too long to pick things up on here Wont be long before your posting pics of your dog
  5. Lukey.

    im new and not got a clue

    Aye mate there is loads eh lol,....What dogs you running then?
  6. Lukey.

    im new and not got a clue

    Am from Posso mate living in Lambhill tho,....Know a couple of the terrier lads from there
  7. Lukey.

    im new and not got a clue

    Welcome mate,....What part of Glasgow are you in then??
  8. Lukey.

    For Sale.

    Sorry now sold Thanks for the intrest
  9. Lukey.

    out sat an sun digin

    Good pics there mate thanks for sharing
  10. Lukey.

    For Sale.

    For sale brand new Bellman and Flint collar never been used or even been on a dog,...A mate went a bit overboard with the amount of collars £60 PM if intrested,....Based in Glasgow Lukey
  11. Lukey.

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Have a good one Lanky
  12. Lukey.

    young dog

    He looks a cracker mate a hope you get him started
  13. Lukey.

    pay to join

    A really think this thred should be deleted it was never a problem before and now seems to be causing a bit of shite And it was all started by someone who joined only a month ago,....not having a go but no ones ever brought it up before
  14. Lukey.

    pay to join

    Got to agree with you there mate