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  1. wildfowler-2007

    Lee Robb or Wildfowler2007 in jail again !!

    i'm here Andy
  2. wildfowler-2007

    goose guides

    John bailey has took over from roy working the same land and more he is trading as montrose fieldsports
  3. wildfowler-2007

    1 or 2 pinks

    Look's like them heading back to roost from mr stirling's ???????? great sight though
  4. wildfowler-2007

    Wildfowling Newsletter

    :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
  5. wildfowler-2007

    Sandy Strachan

    Crazy old man vist his web site or call him on the followin g number mental dont upset him lol his number is 07793034536 Thanks
  6. wildfowler-2007

    Upright Drinks Fridge

    Hi how far north are you mate I am looking for one of these also would if fit in the back of a l200 thanks
  7. wildfowler-2007

    Goose/duck bands,collars etc

    I also collect these rings from geese and ducks I have had a few over the years from geese but last one being around two seasons ago one client got a ring last week from a cock widgeon and I got two from ducks last season I send all the details away to record that they have been shot dead Regards
  8. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Bobby not much of a responce of you now anyway I am not intrested but main thing is we both no I never got chased out of abrdeenshire full stop so end of matter The goose angel
  9. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Bobby but where does that come in to getting chased out of aberdeenshire ?????????? I dont care what old sandy or davie thinks the fact's are you said i got chased out of aberdeenshire which is wrong old sandy put us on a shite field and i went looking for geese and sandy took the hump FULL STOP just like the old grump he is thatis the facts of the story so i did not get chased out of your area so get it right. I sent davie a txt telling him i will get my own back on them both and it will be sweet trust me they thnk they own all the ground up there pmsl So i dont give a f......k if they go to police or anyone else I also told him i was meeting pipeno which was true and things went well if you cant chase that old chap out of your area then they have no chance of doing it to me ALSO FACT'S ARE SANDY IS NOT GETTING MANY GEESE NOW SO GOOD LUCK TO HIM FOR THE REST OF SEASON AS MY MATE IS SHOOTING WITH HIM ALL THIS WEEK So there is the facts lads Regards
  10. wildfowler-2007

    geese wanted

    Sorry only if you was close to me i am always willing to give lads a brace of geese so any other lads on here looking for any give me a shout ladson here will tell you i am a man of my word as i have gave a couple of lads geese from this site Regards
  11. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Hi Diverd, Well one of our client's mate's was shooting with ian gill last week with his young son was you out along with these two lads they also had a good time with ian. I dont usual slag other guides just that lad above said i got chased out of aberdeenshire which is a complete lie so what have i to do sit and take his lies no chance. Chay the lad youe on about is sandy's new guide and hlep along davie not the most up to date with goose shooting just got plenty of cash from selling his fishing boat Yip it's a crazy cut throat business this old goose shooting Regards
  12. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Yip thought there would be no responce far the peterheed key bashers Yip a old b.....d so he is all good until you do something goes wrong but yes he is a basc guide but feed's his fields and spings them in the evening along as shooting well over the basc code of 5 geese per client and letting them stay out to 11am in the morning. I hear he is not getting many geese on his fields now anyway as the geese are moving well inland up there now info comes fae a contact that is out with old sandy this week Regards
  13. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    No one chased me out of anywhere mate no chance of that trust me i am not a silly kid old sandy got told instead of being a key basher why not meet me next time i am up there shooting geese and we will see how got chased out of aberdeenshire your better keeping of the drugs
  14. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Dont we all know that bobby must have seenaround 30.000 go out towards banff on thu morning some amount of geese up there What part of the area are you in bobby Regards
  15. wildfowler-2007

    peterhesd geese

    Chay what side of the loch was you shooting your right it's black for the 1st 4 hours of morning flight Regards