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Dog Barking

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For the lads that keep a couple of dogs in kennels how do they keep a dog quiet while you take another out ?? Had a bitch here that would full on scream when I took the night dog out she was for daytime only if she weren't screaming it would chew the kennels to bits no amount of water or fleshy bones would shut it up.

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It should be part of the training when they are young. when I have pups on I never take them out with the older

dogs .I purposely leave them in 'if they start to whine I have a hose rigged up to the kennel and give them a squirt'

they soon learn when it is there turn to go out. quite dogs happy neighbours :laugh::thumbs:

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mines will bark at people walking past garden or past the car when shes in it, shes still alittle shy of new people, soon as they give her a treat shes fine after that.


not a good idea to stand at door with a hose and spray her then lol?

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eBay mate 20 quid will buy you an electric collar the only difference with the prices are that the expensive ones have a really long range, I have used them on all of mine stops barking and whining stops dogs from running on and self hunting and young dogs chase and miss and look to run on for a run round the field works a treat as they don't blame you and they come to you for reassurance vibration on it too you only have to shock a few times then just vibrate.. Handy things a few people have said that the old boys never used them but it must be so much quicker and easier!

Sorry top hijack the thread but have you got a link for the one you use? cheers

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I had similar problem last week me pal said try this electric collar.....put it on me boxer dog she started barking ....pressed the button...the poor c**t was screaming for about 5 minute....nee good...made her jump in air hit of shed wall going nuts ran in house the lot lol....more toys and huge bones....and she is happy now.

You might have had it on the german wirehair setting. :laugh:

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