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dan john

Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

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Lovely pup squab, as you say it won't be long before it clicks. I suppose having spaniel xs means they will fetch out anything they catch unlike the one i have she caught one in cover yesterday and just left it where she had it, i had to leave it there after many attempts at trying to get it. atb.

they dont all retrieve mate seen plenty myself that wont,just kill and leave like you say.


both my older ones do and hopefully pup will to,plenty dummy work does the trick i found :thumbs:




although likely to go tits up when all 3 are on the case,we will see lol


Same thing again yesterday she caught one in a large area of cover and just left it there and again there was no way i could wade in and get it. My old plummer x would always bring them out not to hand but a lot better none the less. atb.

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Guest Navek

Cheers lads, he's a Norfolk tumbler to a 3/8 5/8 bull grey mate.

was the sire called chance

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