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Definately kennel them seperate, learned from one mistake myself, had an old russell he was 12 year old kennelled with 9 months old patt, the patt ripped the russells bag open poor bugger couldnt walk was pts, the patt was well banged up too, never again

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Here we go with the usual pish. " i kennel all mine together, never a problem" . I genuinely hope everyone continues to be lucky. But let me just warn you, coming home from work and discovering the re

Doesn't matter how much work, a sharp dog will fight. Anybody who has not experienced a blood bath from kenneling two terriers was smart enough to never kennel two or he has been blessed by lady luck

JMO but that sounds very small. My ferret hutch is that size.

Never happened to me as i kennel seperate but would have thought there was enough bad stories here to disuade even the best stockman .Commen sense really .Even exercise should be fully supervised if more than two out .

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Not so much in kennel, but that same patterdale would fight with anything , he locked onto my lurcher one day I was out just walking them, locked onto his back leg, would fight with bitches of any breed as well, basically anything furry with a pulse he wanted to scrap or kill it, wee c«»t of a dog

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Anyone had any problems kennelling a terrier with another breed?

Terriers will be the ones to kick it off 90% of the time and if there penned with a lurcher or hound etc the other dog can only take so much of the nipping and snarling everyday then they realise there a lot bigger and stronger and use it to there advantage and you come home to a dead terrier

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