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First Kill With My Aa S410

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Well after using the new FX pump to charge the rifle yesterday I decided to go out for an hour this morning. So off to bed at 12:30am with the alarm set for 5am. Woke up to be greeted with overcast conditions and a very heavy dew (not great for rabbits) but undeterred decided to venture out. Walked five minutes up the road and entered the first fields and slowly made my way to the little copse. Only saw a few out which were either too far away or just very young ones. Decided to creep slowly through the copse which was a bit of a bad mistake as it was akin to walking across a field of 'rice krispies' what with all the twigs (this will be better for an evening sit and wait session) and I only managed to see three rabbits in total scattering in all directions. There were a fair few pigeons around so this bodes well for the future.

Came out of the copse and headed down to the hay barn on the edge of recently ploughed field which will soon have barley going in and a spot ear-marked by the farmer to control. First rabbit I saw I spooked and it ran for home. Crept round the side of the barn and saw my first opportunity at about 25 yards. He was happily munching away so I slowly eased the rifle into position and placed the hairs just above his eye as he had his head down and feeding. Steadied myself and slowly squeezed the trigger, wisp of air as the Daystate headed home, the rabbit just lay there not even a flinch and then just slowly keeled over (a lovely clean shot bang on target). Hopefully here is a picture of my labours:


I've copied this over from the AAOC forum so apologies of duplication for those who use both sites.



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