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Oil Fired Heating

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iv got a vw 1.9 and access to used oil. probably cost me more to filter it than the juice would though.

how much did that set up set you back rake?

i have a combi boiler and a gas fire but thinking of sticking a burner in, gas and elecy bill is a piss take with the mrs and kids.

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It's just normal engin oil you mix.............so I'm told....


But my mate fecked his 4 track up doing it,,, so I don't think it's worth it

you can use any oil tbh tomo but hydraulic oil ignites sooner than engine oil and doesnt cause as much smoke ...


still if you get caught running on heating oil , your looking at a big fine




Don`t think that would worry me,,, fuckem I say.



They gotta catch ya 1st. :tongue2:

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The set up I`ve got cost a fortune cause I replaced the lot

If you only fit a woodburning stove (1 to 1.5 for a really good install, maybe a lot less ) then you can save a fortune by leaving teh doors open and letting the stove heat the house.

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