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50G Cartridge Damaging Gun?

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I'd be more worried about my own safety in exceeding the manufacturers recommendation.


You can almost guarantee that the stated max load refers to the proofing loading and thus maximum recommended pressures for the barrels. If you're shooting eg a 3 inch mag in a barrel proofed for 2 1/2 inch non mag, then you're probably using up all the safety margin so if anything goes wrong....


In the old days a lot of people were killed when shotguns exploded which was why proofing was introduced.


I wouldn't exceed the stamped cartridge type at any time.


If its 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 stick to those or below, same with 3 inch. If its chambered for 3.5 then I guess you're ok with everything.

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In the grand scheme of things, firing an almost maximum load in a gun will likely speed up the action beginning to come loose or perhaps the stock but you're talking hundreds of thousands of rounds down the line on most modern guns.


In 3" loads, you can have factory rounds up to around the 56g mark so 50 should be fine as long as the gun is 3" and in good condition.

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It won't harm the gun, but it'll loosen your fillings.

Like most things 'powerful' with guns or rifles, that bigger bang comes at a price, usually

one that's not worth the bother. Big cartridges like the 3" 50's cost too much and achieve

little or nothing.

If you really need a bit more 'zip' go up a few shot sizes in standard 2 3/4"

But if you MUST you may!


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Thanks for all the advice! I know the gun will take the cartridges just been told that it's no good for the gun in terms of build quality and wearing the machanism quicker and causing things to feel loose and worn. I will have a look at equally effective but smaller cartridges! Thanks, Kieren.

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If your gun is proofed for 3 inch magnum cartridges then using 50g cartridges will be fine, I use use 56g cartridges in my old sxs without any problems.

If you are using steel however then it is very important you check to see which chokes are proofed for steel with your gun, usually no more than half choke.

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