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  1. Thinking about introducing a Lurcher pup to the family, finally talked r lass round to the idea of a lurcher as opposed to a miniature long haired daschund (took some doing) So just wondering if any of you lads bother insuring your dogs? and if so could you recommend a good company and roughly how much you are paying? Obviously could pick up some injuries out on the field so has anyone got any first hand experience in dealing with their dogs insurance and the company wanting to know how it got injured etc? Any info appreciated, Just trying to do my homework before i get a pup. Cheers K
  2. Wow!!! this was a very amusing read to say the least! Seriously though fair play to you mate on giving it a go, Best of luck pal
  3. No fan or any noise, Just a small light on at the back where a USB cable enters. This light stays on until i press the on button and the light goes off. Almost as if pressing the on button drains all the power out of it so the light goes off?? Going to have to run it down to the local PC shop me thinks!
  4. Just found a travel kettle in the garage. Tried the 3 pin lead but no luck. Couple of LED lights on at the back where the mouse/keyboard is plugged in but no sign of booting or anything
  5. No problems with it until this, Its an old PC like its just got lots of files i would like to save. Holiday Photos and stuff.
  6. Ah i see. sure hope not!! That sounds more complicated! :/
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MAINS-POWER-CABLE-PC-MONITOR-KETTLE-LCD-TV-LEAD-3-PIN-UK-/221327025988?pt=UK_Computing_CablesConnectors_RL&hash=item33881e6744 This is the same as what ive removed, Just cant see how one on these can break? Other than the fuse obviously??
  8. Put a new fuse in the plug and just tried the socket and the sockets working so hopefully its the power pack. Just going to dig an old kettle out of the garage. How much do you think they are new to buy these power supply units? Sorry about my limited computer knowledge.
  9. Sorry guys for the late reply. It is a PC. Nothing is happening at all when i press the button. No lights or noises anything so im guessing from what youve said its the power lead? I will go to maplins today for a new one and try that
  10. My girlfriend recently turned the computer off at the plug whilst I was on the Internet. Went to turn it back on and it wouldn't work. Any ideas? My first thought was the fuse might have blown so I've changed this but still not coming on. Any ideas guys? Cheers, Kieren.
  11. What a nightmare! In your letter Tornado for your open ticket did you include permission letters/slips for the land you can shoot on?
  12. Phoned up yesterday and apparantly South Yorkshire has a new firearms manager and she has to learn all the ropes and job role so things are taking a lot longer. She said 6 weeks but could be longer. Absolutely ridiculous.
  13. Just sent in writing my application to have the open condition on my rifles. Just wondered from other people's experience how long it is likely to take to get an answer? And do they phone me or pay me a visit to let me know the decision? Or just post my new Certificate through or my old one depending on their decision? I am under South Yorkshire Police Thanks, Kieren.
  14. Cheers guys, Appreciate any tips or advice that will benefit any aspect of shooting/owning guns! Still got plenty to learn! Thanks, Kieren
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