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Mk1 Or Mk3,which Is The Best Collar And Box?

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I bought a mk1 and an mk3m.

And I can honestly say the mk3 is 1million times better. If ur not a technophob and u learn how to use it, it's brilliant.

The mk1 was ok. But when your doing warrens on banks it's a pain. The search function on the mk3 really makes life easier.

That's just my opinion though.

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mark3m is brilliant and actually very easy to use once you get your head round it think some people dont give it a proper chance i would never go back to mark1.play about with it first before you bring it near the field get to grips with it saves you getting in a mood and going back to mark one.

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both ar shit a a prafer old school so easy and cany loose eny thing


what do you mean by old school....surely not waiting it out...feck that...lol


I cant believe anyone would say the Mk1 is better. The Mk3 has a greater range so your wandering around looking like a chimp swinging ya arms. Its more accuarate and less things go wrong. In fact i've had the Mk3 since it first come onto the market and never had a thing go wrong with the box or collars.


And for that are unsure on how to use the Mk3...why? switch it on, it beeps....look at the depth, get as close as you can (just like the mk1) and then dig!!! Its even got search mode for ranges between 8 - 20 feet...then when its less than 8 feet...switch to locate. Lesson over...no need to thank me...lol

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na ther is a whay my granddad shoud me of putting both together and you get one a 26 feed and it fairly easy to yous and couse he made it a called it old school lol but not good in wet cons lol


Pity he didn't teach you to spell as a bonus :whistling:


You should try it someday...makes it a whole lot easier for thick cnuts like me to read :boogy:

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