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Bird-Im NOT saying that I would advise using "pet bull" blood, Im just sayin that I dont think the dog used to make the cross needs to be a game tested dog, like one would use if they were breeding straight bulldogs to match. I think folks add bull for the wrong reason alot, but thats a whole different topic.


Take care.


yes true, i know you+ people would (use) the best bulldog what is about, :thumbs: just saying even the best bulldog genes will be watered down, once its gone back to another breed ( greyhound, saluki, etc ...) thats what i was getting at. :thumbs:

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Same as with everything bird, use the best and increase you chance that bit more


spot on mate, like with any breed bull.collie, grey, etc ... you pick the best out there, and just hope the pups pick up the best bits from both parents. . :thumbs:

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Cheers doc, that all makes sense. Would you accept a dog baying fox and badger?


I get what your saying about bulldogs but surely it worth the hassle to find a decent dog with good shape?


What are bolio/Eli stuff like? Not seen any in the uk that I know of and certainly can't remember any match reports with them.

SHH you mentioned Joe the other day,He went back to Eli.

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do your dogs kill them single handed. i was driving through boston and seen a coyote and there very big and when i seen it i thought it would take a good dog to kill that single handed. do they put up a good fight pal :thumbs:

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