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night vision tested!!!

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Im not going to take any credit for this, as although I did think up what bits to order, after lots of google searches, Im not the first person to come up with this idea of a "homebrew" kit, rather that paying out £400 plus on shop bought items


using stuff from my shed, so far total outlay has been £52.50


this was a daytime test, night time one to follow in around 8hrs, but it'll zoom in on chimney pots around 100yds away, and focus, its fitted to my ruger 10-22, yes a silencer will be added, no rabbits were harmed in the making of this clip



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my only difference is that rather than purchasing an IR laser, I'm using my lamp with a piece of IR filter over it




this is all stuff from an airgun forum, but the guy gives a full run down on items purchased and numbers from evil bay




probably like me you'll have bits and pieces laying around, so you wont need to buy everything, my first route is how cheap can a workable NV set up be made, as I think £400-£600 from an idea that was sourced from members like us is a bit of a rip off, ok you get a nice padded box, and nice new looking fittings, but if the same can be made for around the £100, thats a big mark up they are making


my first thoughts were to use a cctv wrist monitor, used by cctv techs, just stick it in evil bay search, china is where most come from, starting around £60 upwards, they have recording built in, but after much thought I decieded on the car reversing screen




simply because of price, and the fact that its a uk supplier


and this is the camera I opted for




mainly because theres clips on utube of this camera being used, and night time stuff looked a good image, although the 6 led's will be disconected

you will need to order an extra 16mm lens to fit in place of the one mounted already in the camera, otherwise on connecting up you'll just get a white circle in the middle of a black screen, the 16mm lens gives you crosshairs full screen



you'd need to splice the power wire from camera and monitor into one plug to make it neater, or leave as is and have more wires, like with everything, once you have a system that works, you can refine it to look better, shorten all the wiring so you aint got metres of wires, try and connect all the power leads into one, then either use your lamp battery or car cigerette lighter socket


have fun...


I'll put up another clip (night) in a few hours time, total cost £52.50

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ok, its dark, heres the video, excuse the shakyness, a mixture of cold and excitment, but trust me, its the mutts nutts, well pleased and a saving of around £350 on a shop bought item


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not a thing mate, its doing exactlly what I wanted, maybe extras to add/buy at a later date would be


change lamp and ir filter for an adjustable ir laser


battery size is ok for me as shoot from 4x4, but others may want smaller/slimer/lighter


and maybe add this on next pay day, its £44 from china, but still brings it in at under £100, at only £96


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Guest scramble

thats great stubby thanks very much. what scope are you using? and i i'd probably go for a smaller battery as i normally walk. can you not make a lead to connect into your fag lighter??

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yes, I already have a lead to ciggy socket, but as sometimes I shoot with others, its handy having the battery, the scope was a cheap parelax 3-9 from a works air rifle, as all my other scopes are fixed, you need to be able to re focus on certain areas

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thanks for the demo and the links stubby im currently having ago at a couple of diffrent systems nothing ground breaking like you say its been done before but its good to have a play and save a few quid.

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Did you find that you had to have the adjustable paralax scope stubby


I just followed what everyone else said about needing this type of scope, I do have a standard 3-9 x 50 on my bolt action, so I'll fit it on that sometime later today and see if it'll work ok without the paralax

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I have been looking at doing this for a long time I have a old anolog panasonic camcorder with night vision, in its day cost about £600 I paid £20 for it a year ago I have tested it the dark out side and goes no more then about 5 meters as it only has one little red led bulb I am tempted to take it apart and use the lens and viewing monitor and battery pack and so on but I am sure it will still only go about 5 meters does anyone know if putting a lamp with infa red filter on would help in day time and dusk it will pull 500 yards in to a very good pick I could shoot a crow at 500 yards away if I could shoot that straight. Any help would be great and that is a great little night vision scope there too if mine works as well I would be very happy.

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