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  1. Thanks for the replies chaps both are good ideas and will take them on board. for later jobs.
  2. Why on earth i have put tamplex i dont no maybe it that time of month for the misses lol I should of put talpex.
  3. I have been trapping moles on a small scale for about 5 years and normally do well and started 2 new job last week with new traps tramplex traps on one site set 10 tramplex traps caught 5 in the 5 that went off and no signs of any more moles for now. on the other site set 20 tramplex 10 barrel 8 scissor only the tramplex are new I have been and checked the traps everyday and not one has gone off, none of the barrel or scissor traps have been back filled there seems to be movement around the trapping area with hills still appearing and some of them running on the trap line , am i being robbed b
  4. There are even more stories on this page and has the dead sheep to https://www.(!64.56:886/groups/rspcathetruth/
  5. mine run out last year but i have not changed all that much I also have my points removed in feb this year so may do it then they are thieving bustards and they can wait until I am ready to give them any of my money if they wish to charge me more I will not be paying it either.
  6. Does this jar and meths work on all animal skins do you still have to remove any connective tissue meat and fat from the skin first. If you want that borex you can buy it on line there are quite a few suppliers still and I did find some on ebay last year.
  7. thanks for that so anyone with a certificate can sell but without you can only give it way in the fur, although I did not see any where to say it has to have its guts with it if selling to game dealer. so a few things have changed since I started and finished my dealer days.
  8. when i done mine you can only sell to a dealer if you dont have a certificate and you have to leave the guts in so they can be checked for health. if you do have a certificate you can sell up to 10,000 small game animals to food outlets or the public. and the rules are the same for deer other then the numbers which is up to 300 animals regardless of size. I also was a game dealer I was paying £1 for a rabbit and if the rabbit was gutted and oven ready I would give £3 I sold at £4 or 2 at £6.50 to the public I was inspected by environmental health a few times and as I got larger I was inspected
  9. Martin after reading and rereading the thread and wholeheartly agree about you needing to make money etc. Your request for pauched rabbits has a huge problem as a lincenced gamedealer and under the small game section your should be taking in rabbits with guts for you or your staff to do the set out checks on the intestine . We all know this never happens but I think you need to rethink posting that request on a open forum as if the agency looks into and find this topic it could put your business under scutinty . Just a friendly bit of advice Cookie Martin after reading an
  10. Since the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it has been illegal to release the species except where already established within one square mile. this is what I found going through the links of defra
  11. they are classed as non native but I dont think they are on the section one list like the grey squirrel unless this is something very resent
  12. she is a monster mate, stunning as well, we might look to one of these eventually to try on hares, I know they are more than capable, do you fly them with yours? she is a monster mate, stunning as well, we might look to one of these eventually to try on hares, I know they are more than capable, do you fly them with yours? I have tried as we have loads but to date she has not bothered I think she has flown at 2 but did not try to hard she happy to go after muntjac foxes rabbit squirrel snakes pheasant pigeon on the wing which is great and she took a frog went some 60 yards to get i
  13. There is a law that state anyone can kill a wild animal on private or council/public land if the animal is injured if they believe the land owner would give permission to do so, it does not cover the taking of the animal as this would be theft, The land owner would have to be informed at the soonest possible time as he would be responsible for the carcass and it is against the law to leave any animal above ground if it has been killed by un natural causes . I have not seen the list of animals that cannot be released of late but muntjac where not on it. but the deer act does stop the muntjac fr
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