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lamping last night

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the weather was quite windy last night so about 9pm i desided to have a look out with the lamp i got ready and headed out about 9.30pm i desided to go to one of my bits of permission about 30 mins drive from where i live i was going on my own tonight as my mate who i had asked to go had to be up at 4am for work. i arrived at my permission at about 10pm and headed over the first bit of land that the farmer owns theres always a couple of rabbits on this part anyway i headed off up the hill and reached the top theres normally a couple sitting out at the top but there was nothing it was nt till i got to about the 4th field and i spotted the first rabbit of the night in the bottom cornor of the field i got to about 50 meters away and sliped my dog it ran straight down the beam and just missed taking the rabbit off its seat he coursed it and after about 5 turns of the dyke he caught it and retrived it back to me. i headed in to the next field where there were 2 more rabbits sitting i slipped the dog on the first one after a couple of near misses the rabbit managed to get under a gate and into a field full of sives where he lost it once he had came back i sent him for the other rabbit which was sitting near the dyke about 30 meters away he turned this one a couple of times and the caught it. i walked around about 10 or 12 fields before i seen another rabbit at the bottom of a field i walked down and got as close as i could and slipped the dog this one was quite a good course he must have turned it about 7 or 8 times before he caught it and fetched it back to me so that was 3 in the bag out of 4 i lamped all the way back to the car which was parked in the farmers yard but i didnt see any more rabbits i put the rabbits in the back of the car and headed over to the other part of the permission i didnt see anything in the first few fields so i crossed the main road to a couple of fields the farmer owns these fields had quite a few rabbits in i ended up getting another 3 rabbits out of those out of about 9 runs i headed back over the road and carried on lamping back towards the farm and ended up getting another 3 rabbits off this bit that was 9 rabbits in total which is the most iv had off this permission so far anyway i got back to the car and headed for home as i got close to my house i desided to have a go for number 10 as you cant leave the catch at 9 can you :laugh: i went to a few fields where i have permission its only 4 fields but the sometimes hold a few rabbits i chased a few rabbits but didnt catch any as i was crossing over a road to lamp the fields on the other side the police pulled up asked me what i was doing and where id been and if i had permission the same old crap they ask everytime they stop you once i had proved i had permission they left me to get on with the lamping i walked the rest of the fields chased to more rabbits but never caught number 10 :( so i desided to have ago just down the road from my house i ended up getting another 4 to take my total to 13 so i desided to call it a night and headed home for a cupa and bed. hope you like the write up and the pic which was took this morning atb :thumbs:



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Great write up mate,sounds like a cracking nite you had there,good hunting.a.t.b.stevie. :thumbs:

cheers pal it was a better night than i thought it was going to be i was only expecting to catch a couple atb :thumbs:

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