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all im geting is error this file was too big to upload


go to phottobucket and join once you resize it to about 800 x 600 it should work but try and mess about with it till ya get it right
if you use your phone go in to your album an crop the photo then go to use full version not phone version the attach photo. Atb
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two i bred just over 7 months

Flex shes 4month now

One for next year ,,5 months

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A poem for Tom


The terrier's they yap for they know the craic
They leave the confines of the kennels and dont look back
Into the box they jump with joy
For its time to go hunting and rag a new toy

On reaching the fields they bark so loud
For its time to go beneath and make their owner proud
Hole is checked and the new toy is at home
The terrier can sense it and wants to make it his own.

Down the tube his makes his way
Not knowing if his new toy is willing to play
Above the ground they hear a bang
All tools are made ready for they know the plan.

The shovel is set deep right into the soil
As the earth is thrown back to form a neat pile
Another few feet should do the trick
Its all hands on deck including the pick.

On reaching the pot they can see them in grip
Holding tight to each other they cant make a slip
Both are removed with a great sense of joy
As the proud owner rejoices and says that my boy.

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