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Ferreting with Ideation, Pics

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I got called off from work mid morning because of the weather and knew Ideation was down this neck of the woods ferreting. I gave him a call to find out where he was, and after another couple of calls :icon_redface: to pin point him I found him. Carrying 2 rabbits, ruck sack and a box of ferrets this man was not sneaking about but out to get a few. We walked to the next bury chatting along the way. We had a good mark from both dogs so Ideation proceeded to net up with purse nets which is where I'll leave it for now :whistling::yes: . Ideation can finish the day write up, If I go out and take my camera I don't do the write up :rtfm::clapper: ( Tyla, Waterbadger, Rascal, Westy L&A can all vouch for :haha: )


Here are a few pics from my couple of hours out, hope you like 'em












Here's the link for the rest, not many this time for a change :D


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Cracking pics............. :thumbs:

You should have got a few picks of Jai instead of that lady........ :whistling::D

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nothing better than a nice quite walk about , dog and ferrits , getting from the fast track of the modern world . atb bunnys.

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Cheers lads :thumbs:

rocky I think Id will be along tonight to finish the write up off. That's if he can catch up on enough sleep :D

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And here is what happened . . . .


Recently Wednesday has become away day, and i have taken the opportunity to get in the car and go and work the dog and ferrets in some different places around the country, have a bit of a mooch and meet a few lads off here. A couple of weeks ago i took a trip down to sussex and had a really enjoyable mooch about, meeting up with Tyla for a few hours. It was great, and i really enjoyed the landscape down that way, so this week, a bit last minuite, i decided to make the trip down once again.


I hit the sack early, around 6pm, after sorting out my gear and packing the car. Come 4-4.30 am, i was on the road, listening to Neil Young, drinking tea and eating beef and stilton sandwiches, joined by three jills and faithful FInn. The drive wasn't too bad and i got to my destination around 7 am as the sun was making an appearance, lighting up a cold and frosty english countryside. I parked up, got my stuff together and headed off.


As i got onto the land, i let finn off to empty out and stretch his legs and pretty much immediatly he marked a small set of a half dozen holes, so i thought i might as well add at least one to the bag, and dropped a jill down. Sods law, it wouldnt bolt and it was clear within a few mins that it was going to be a dig. Luckily it was pretty clear and only a couple of feet, and i broke through ontop of the jill in control of her rabbit. As i went to lift her and it, i somehow dropped the bunny back into the hole, but it bolted down the tube and into a net, held by finn.


So with one in the bag, i decided to go and have a wander around the open land for a couple of hours to see what i could see. I had a good stomp letting the dog do his own thing for a while, dissapearing off into the woods, ducking in and out, checking if i was still about, vanishing and reappearing through hedges etc. Typical finn really. At one point i did spot something interesting in the distance, called him back in and put him on a slip and did a bit of a stealth approach, but it was not to be. There wasn't much up and about on the fields, due to the weather i think.


Anyhow, i decided i should probably retreat back into the woods and see if i could bag a few bunnys and get the dog a bit of sport. I followed a stream down into a nice old oak woodland, dotted with holly trees and patches of cover. I poured myself a cup of tea and drank it as i wandered a long, watching finn flit through the trees. Soon enough, he had his head down marking, a set a long the field edge. I netted up what was inside the woods, and left what was in the field for the dog, and dropped down two jills. Soon enough the dog was following the bumping under ground, and moments later, the first rabbit bolted out of an unetted hole, chased by finn, it turned back in and back netted itself. Just as i was untangling that one, the second bolted out of another unetted hole and thought it would try it's luck in the open. Not a very good plan. Three in the bag.


I picked up the nets and off went the dog again, we wandered on and got a nice mark on a little four hole set under some holy. I stuck the nets down and dropped in the old blind white jill. Both rabbits hit the nets within moments of each other, and both times finn darted under the holly to secure them.


I picked up and let the dog away to do his thing once more. And soon enough he had his head down once again, in a nice open ish set in a clearing. I didn't bother with the nets and let the little silver jill do her stuff. Within moments i could hear a squeeling, and it was spade time. A foot or so of easy digging later and i dropped on top of her with a now dead rabbit. As i lifted the rabbit she shot off down the tube and a little while later another rabbit bolted across the clearing, followed by finn, who pulled off an impressive catch amongst the trees.


As he was bringing it back to me i got a phone call from Tyla, saying that unfortunatly, today he would not be able to get out of work to join me, but that he was sending a sub instead :laugh: in the form of Blackstaff. A little bit of communication later and BS was on his way to meet me.


WIth a little bit of time before he showed up, i thought i would stash my seven rabbits and have a bit more of an explore. Dragging the dog away from a couple of marks on difficult sets and heading a little further into the woods. Soon enough finn was doing the waggle dance, that says there is a rabbit in here boss, and it's not that deep. So i dropped a few nets down and put a jill to ground. Immediatly the first bunny bolted by my feet and i pounced on it, and as i was untangling that one, another bolted out of a hole under some fallen branches, into a net, which then caught on the brash, spilling the bunny out, finn crashed into the pile of branches and although i couldnt see the rabbit i could hear the squeal. He had it held by the back leg, but couldnt move himself to pull it from where it was without opening his mouth. I rescued him, and that was nine in the bag.


At this point i headed towards where i was meeting BS. I did drop a ferret into a small set on the way, bolting one, which finn ran, and looked like he might catch until he hit a branch, snapping it and generally wiping himself out :laugh:


Soon enough i could see BS coming through the trees, trapper hat on, camera around his neck and Pearl the staffy/whippet bouncing infront. The dogs met, and although finn wanted to be a sex pest as usual, he is very submissive to bitches other than that, so they were fine.


We said our hellos and then turned to follow the dogs, who quite quickly gave us a mark on a set again near the woods edge. I netted up most of the holes, leaving some, and dropped the jills down. They worked away steadily and the dogs were following the movement underground. Well, pearl was, Finn however was alternating between doing his job as a ferreting dog and f*****g off into the middle of the field to work a reed bed / rough grass patch. I'm sure the rough area had a rabbit in it, as he was hunting it well, but not exactly ideal when your trying to ferret a warren, and a little embaressing as your ferreting dog acts the c**t. I think he was throwing a wobbler that i had invited another dog a long. After a bit of bollocking and then him skulking about, we had an emotional moment and all was ok, back on task!


During this time, one rabbit bolted from the set into a net, which i was there for, and another ended up on the run, being caught by Pearl, at which point i was off retrieving my mutt from the reed bed.


We lifted nets and had a walk, decided, as BS hates purse nets so much , we would just let the dogs ha a bit of fun. We wandered through the woodland, chatting, sharing stories and ideas and generally watching the dogs do their stuff. We ferreted a few sets, the dogs getting a few challenging runs through the thick woodland and missing a couple of bunnys here and there. To be honest things at this point were very much stacked against the dogs and in favour of the rabbits who didnt have that far to dash to another warren, through the trees, and there were a lot of fallen trees around for them to lose the dogs under. Anyway, finn had one a couple of yards from a warren, and we dug one with my silver jill latched onto it. On one set a stuck a few nets down and left the rest open, and the rabbit hit a net.


So at this point we had fourteen in the bag and BS had to return home to see to other dogs and family matters. But he wasn't going to leave before the 15th rabbit was caught! So we wandered on a bit, bushing one out of a mess of fallen tree, which they ran into another patch of cover and eventually to ground, but we decided to leave it. We then got a nice mark on not too big a set, so netted up and popped out number fifteen!


At this point BS left and i was reduced to being a one man band once again. I had a wee bit of time left so thought i would continue having a bit of a rake about with finn and see what i found. Heading roughly back in the direction i had come, i got a mark on a nice little set, netting up what i could see and entering the ferret. The first rabbit exploded out of a mass of leaves, which luckily finn was stood pretty much on top of, so he nailed that one without it making any ground, and just then, another hit a net by me which i grabbed. Taking the rabbit off the dog and lifting the nets, i realied if i caught one more, then i would have my rabbit bag filled twice, so two trips from woods to car, which was just right.


I had a scout about and found a small five hole set, to give me my final rabbit for the day, nets down, ferret in and rabbit out :thumbs:


At this point I had a bit of excitment as Finn spotted something in the distance, and did what running dogs do, making me incredibly proud, and ending a great days mooching in fine style.


After all of the excitment, i stashed my rabbits, ferrets, etc and took the dog for a bit of a mooch a long the river and through the fields, soaking up the views and reflecting on another enjoyable adventure.


I had a great day, met another great bloke of the site, who im sure thinks i'm slightly mental, and we even caught a few rabbits a long the way. The aim was never to take it very seriously and try to bag up, so 18 was a very respectable finishing score. I really enjoyed seeing BS's bitch Pearl work, and she is a lovely, expressionate bitch, who would have a place in my household happily.





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Glad you enjoyed it matey! I'm fecking knackered, did 1000 hunting / dog miles between sat lunchtime and last night :laugh: The beer at the end was much appreciated!

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