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WHAT A NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ive got a 3/4 greyhound 1/4 border collie pup, red merle. got him of hancock at 12 weeks old, 16 months old now.i started working at 10 months......but for the last 6 months on the lamp he runs with no confidence at all..but a very intelligent. and amazingly fast dog in the day. when i take him out at night on the lamp he will run the rabbit with no heart and wouldnt strike. so ive started to think the dog havent got it. so me and my mate went out friday night and the weather was amazing. DARK AND WINDY !!!!!! we stumbled on a place ive never been before. the 1st feild we put the lamp on i counted 25 rabbits, and they never moved. so my mate had 1st run and catch. so my pup had 2nd. and staight away i noticed somin different, the dog found is comfort zone.he caught his 1st rabbit of the night. he was a diffrent dog. we cum home with 17 rabbits. my pup had 7. my mate had 10. im just hoping it wasnt a fluke.... or has the penny finally droped with him?????????

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nice to hear you stuck with it as to many throw the towel in without giving the the dog

a chance to mature & find their feet their is no hard & fast rule as to when to enter a

dog even litter mates can vary, hope he does you proud mate :thumbs:

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Guest born to run1083

Something which you find in some collie x's is there inconsistency one night they could be shit hot catching 10 squatters and say 10 rabs from from say 12-15 runs then the next night not want to run at all, for me I find there are alot out there that are pick and choosey to when they want to perform. I hope this isn't the case for yours only time will tell mate,


B t r

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