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modern lamping gear

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Seems we are on this subject what coats and boots mine are done for

got ace boots at a show last year from a north east company. 'gri sport' italian leather jobs apart from a wee bit dubbing ive done nothing to them and their like new, ive worn them daily ferreting lamping fishing bushing i walk miles wi mutts daily, cant speak high enough of them comfy and well waterproof. maybe not the cheapest but certainly not the dearest

i have a pair of these boots they are spot on

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lightforce striker with 30w bulb...perfect for rabbits and last all night on any battery..you can always put the spare 100w bulb in from the bulb holder in handle if you need a bigger brighter beam for other critters.


that reminds me i need a spare.

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Hi birddog.As you were asking about the LED lights in your other thread,this is the one I'm using.Dereelight DBS V3.Not the best pics i know (need a tripod for the camera).But it gives you an idea what it's like.This is rated at around 300 lumens with a warm tint LED fitted.There is a bit more surrounding light than what you can see in the pics,that the camera is not picking up.Not bad though for something that fits in your pocket.



At about 300m


These at around 500m






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I use one like the mag lamp 800 lumes on ebay came with bat charger, car charger adaptor plug. Lasts all night. Fits in my pocket, can be discrete if I’m just popping the dogs out for a short walk local. before you lads start laughing iv got other lamps but this does the job and only cost £12.00 with postagepost-58457-0-55565600-1297540668_thumb.jpgps obviously they were not caught with dogs due to the hunting with hounds acts

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