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  1. Put a decent bull or wheaton across yer airdale.
  2. does that no make it a half bull mate?
  3. about 25 year bull x lurchers bitch. died last week at about 6, hit a tree.
  4. Dog kennel and run 8x4. has 8x4 with two kennels coming off the sides. I have a partion to split the run in two so can be used for one large dog one run. or can be used for two small or meduim size dogs. run made from ply. with solid two plastic waterproof kennels. Its only a year old proberly last 10 years if looked after. Based in arbroath 120 quid
  5. You lining your bitch? maybe, just looking around for a stud just now, why? just asking. What ya thinking about lining it with? My bitch broke its neck other week. Gutted! Even more gutted cause never got pup from her.
  6. My lab does my head in with them. But it's only in spring time. Runs round chewing its feet going mad lol
  7. There is half x for sale few days ago lmao!
  8. Would Depend If it's half crosses or racer types. But I'm presuming they will be between 22.5 to 25 and rough coated lol
  9. WhAt fukcin use is dog that's fighting and wants to eat anything that moves?
  10. Depends what ya class as working. They be a few working cover and such. Very few earth dogs! If was earth dogs would there be any difference lining with black terrier (pat or fell type) or earth beddy, don't see the difference myself like,
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