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Which Scope ? Which Reticle ?

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Hi Everyone....


My 1st Post on here , so apologies if i've Posted this in the wrong place ?!




I currently use a 6-24 x 50 AO Nikko Stirling Gameking Scope with Mildot Reticle on my .22 HW100S

The Scopes great , but feel its a tad over powered for my shooting ( Small amount of Range Practice and Vermin ) upto say 45yrds


So i'm looking at purchasing another Scope ,with around a budget of £80 - £100max

I've sort of shortlisted to these 3 Brands .... Hawke , MTC Mamba or Nikko Stirling GameKing, but the actual Scope is a minefield.



I was thinking around a 4-12 magnification , not fussed if its not a 50mm lense.


Type of Reticle....? Mildot or each of the above manufacturers own , ie LRX , SCB etc etc

Illuminated Reticles....? Are these worth having as my current scope hasn't one ?


Comments appreciated :D

Cheers Rich

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Hey rich, welcome, that scope you have sounds like a good'un, the power is changeable so being over powerd shouldent be a problem, I shoot 9x in the day (max on my scope) and 6x at night in lamp light, I am a big fan of the nikko scopes for being robust and holding zero well, I tend not to use the ir very mutch to be honest altho I did want it when I baught the scope, I am just getting used to mill dot ret and wouldent go back, I also have a hawke scope in the same price bracket (£60 ish) and it is equal to the nikko for clarity.

Scopes are a personal choice and sometimes reflect the type of shooting they get most use for.

Im sure lots of guys will have input/info on this topic mate.

All the best with whatever you choose :)

.atb. .ste.

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hi scott, and welcome to THL mate!


as ste says the hawke range are pretty good value, and as good as the nikko's, although nikko do a 4-16x44 gameking that i use on my hw100 and i've gotta say, its good glassware mate. personally, i like mil dots with .22 cos its a bit less hassle for longer distance shooting(not that i do much long distance meself mind!)


hope this helps, at least til the more knowledgable lads get on here!


cheers, wurz

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hope this helps, at least til the more knowledgable lads get on here!


cheers, wurz


Shhhhh wurz, I was pretending to know what I was on about :)

It was good while it lasted lol

.atb. .ste.


Edited to say who is scott wurz? You must have him on the brain :)

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Hi Rich,


First up welcome to the forum mate! :thumbs:


I think the reticule choice is different for different shooters. In the field I used to use a mil-dot scope. But now I shoot a lot of HFT comps I find they dont offer enough aim points. Personally I use an MCT Viper which offers a 1/2, 3/4 mildot aimpoint which falls into my combo's trajectory perfectly!


I also like the SR6 and SR12 from Hawke and the LRX from Nikko Sterling which offer aimpoints for a cross wind also. I would happily use any of these scopes!





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hi buddy


i have 6-24x50AOIR scopes on my aas400 and they are brilliant as rossi_j will tell ya,i use them on x14 mag and they are class for night and day shooting,in my eyes why spend £100+ on mtc mambas when mine are just as good buddy :thumbs:


but if i wanted a new scopes it would have to be nikko buddy ive used rossi_j a few times and fine them nice and clear nice ir green/red and hold there zero very nice

atb steve

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Hi Rich.

If you are shooting a Weihrauch HW100 The Hawke Eclipse 4-12X40 with mildot reticle is a cracking little scope to open considerations with and well within your budget. It's a fixed focus scope which requires you to use the zoom ring for focusing down to short-range targets. But it's got a very clear, pin-sharp sight picture; a lot better than some other higher-priced, high-end scopes have I've tried. I got mine for 20 quid brand new in a closing down sale but they are not expensive elsewhere It doesn't have an illuminated reticle but it's not bad in low light condition.


The other Hawke scopes are very good for the money too and there's nothing wrong with your other choices. What you need to do really is decide exactly what your typical shooting scenario is going to be and choose the reticle that best meets the demands of your choice..


Do you like dawn to dusk hunting? Static hunting? Stalking your quarry? Lamping? That will really decide which reticle you're going to need and if you are going to out shooting with a lamp in the dark, you really would do well with an illuminared mildot reticle with an adjustable rheostat.


I generally shoot dawn and dusk from static ambush positions on my shoots. I've been using ordinary duplex, 30-30 reticles cheerfully and happily for years but my scopes are top quality lenses, superb in low light gathering and keeps me shooting till the last vestige of light has gone from the night sky. They cost a lot more than a hundred quid but, that's just me.


Hope this gives you a bit of help.





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In my eyes why spend £100+ on MTC Mamba when mine are just as good buddy.


Sorry Steve I have to disagree on this statement mate.


Yes the Tasco scopes and Chinese scopes are good and yes you can still do the same with the cheaper model of Chinese scopes etc to a certain degree has as been proven by others but the quality of the MTC models will far over shadow them.


Reticule clarity, reticule quality and chemicals used to gather light are far better on the MTC models buddy.


Here is the spec of the Mamba


MTC Mamba

The Mamba is MTC's new high end scope will appeal to shooters who like to use low profile turrets.

In fact these turrets are some of the lowest available.

Like the Viper this rifle scope is suitable for all calibres.

Key Features:

Ultra Low profile turrets


Push Button Illuminated Reticule


Superb MTC_SCB reticule


Unique lens: ETE microlux (edge to edge fully multi-coated) lens.

Incredible low light performance with no distortion.


And here is a link to the professional review that was done on it.




Like i said the cheaper ones that you mentioned are good and do the job but the MTC range are quality scopes and if someone asked me which i would go for Id say the MTC range anyday buddy.


Thats one of the reasons i changed from the Tasco 6-24x50 AO IR.


The Hawke range blow them away in quality, especially the Nite eye and Air Max models with the SR12 reticule.





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hi si


ive used mtc and find them good dont get me wrong,but find mine brilliant also mine are not tasco mine are jager zielfernohr scopes made in germany :thumbs:



there priced at £320 for the real one which i have and i have the numbers on the scopes that i have checked to see if they are real and they are and i got them for hardly anything or china do the same for £50 :thumbdown::thumbs:


i dont like to brag about the value of my scopes as value dont bother me buddy.

but i prefer mine than any mtc scopes but thats just my views, :thumbs:


i hope i have not started anything buddy


but like you said si its down to own needs and uses buddy


atb steve

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True mate.


That makes more sense in what you are saying now as I would expect a scope made in Germany priced at £320 being of excellent quality.


Your post misled me slightly as you said why pay £100+ for a scope when yours is just as good.


Well it would and should be if it is a real Jäger and worth £320.


I didn't know that you had a £320 scope but got them super cheap.


No you have not started anything bud I was just making a point, that's what the forums for.




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Hi, Rich, I hope you enjoy the forum :thumbs:


The last Nikkos and Tascos I had anything to do with was many moons ago when they were still made in Japan, very good quality but I don't know how they compare to the modern made in China ones...


I've used the MTCs before and they really are very good for the money but for me they seem to have a fairly narrow field of view.


One scope you may also consider is the Walther 4-12x50 IR 30mm tube. I've been useing one for the past couple of years and have been very impressed by it. Very clear optics and very nicely made. I got mine from Ramsbottoms and it was around the price you've mentioned.


Good luck with whatever you choose :thumbs:




Edit... Sorry reticle... The Walther's got a mil-dot ret that most of the lads on here seem to prefer. Personally I'd have a good old 30-30 though if I'd had the choice.

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Hi All


Firstly , thanks for a very warm welcome. :D

I must admit, i've been viewing the Forum for some time now , Excellent knowledge base for all AirGunners into their hunting / vermin shooting IMO


Right, some excellent comments to take on board. Certainly made my mind a lot clearer.

I don't know how to quote individual replys, so i'll try and pick a few replys out..........



rossi_j , ste.... yes like you I like the Nikko Scope range.

As i've yet to shoot by Lamp Light I was interested on how you use the Mag setting for Lamping.



wurz, glad to see another .22 HW owner ( the whole worlds turning to .177 LOL )

Thats whats confusing me , I like mildots , but the choices on scope reticles , as others say , is down to the shooters preference


...... oh and who's Scott :11:



Nice detailed reply,

Suppose its a mixture really...dawn to dusk hunting, Static hunting, Stalking your quarry at the moment. Lamping hasn't played a part as yet.



Si / zini.

Thanks for the reply. I was actually drawn more to the SR reticule, over the Nikko LRX alternative. Reckon that what set the whole confusion off. LOL

The Nite Eye and Air Max models look a deffo choice along with the Mamba / Mamba Lite. Still trying to convince the Mrs, that its all about quality to justify the extra ££'s LOL.

Reckon ive watched one of your youtube vids with the SR Reticule ?. Will check later.




Thanks agin for a Warm Welcome.

Just getting used to the Forum, so will Post up Pics when I can .






PS....... I almost sold this HW100 before Xmas , but the would-be buyer let me down. Pleased now he did :)

I do like a HW Springer too, but they're another story.

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Nice one Oak buddy.


Yes and welcome to the forum.


If you like .22 better than .177 like I prefer it better but now shoot both calibres then I would only really go SR mate.


I like the SR12 ret the best but that's just me.


Easy to calbrate and clear as you like.


Next I would go generic mildot.


I'm using a Hawke 4-12*50 AO IR on my Ultra in .177 and that's very good and pucks out small objects well at a fair range.


£83 from uttings rifles.



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Hi Rich.

I had a look at the Gunmart link that Si's posted up and I must say I'm very impressed with the look of the MTC Mamba. I absolutely love the German 4A reticle and that's one I'm going for next.


I have just bought a HAWKE 6-18x44 AO scope with an SR12 reticle (Ser. HK3226) and it's a beautifully made optic for not a lot of cash. I think I paid less than Ninety quid for it, brand new and got it for my new Weihrauch HW77 .22 spring rifle as I like to have an all-range reach. This is a long-bodied scope but, it promises to fulfil my prefered methods of hunting from a static ambush hide in all light conditions. And enjoying some informal target practice shooting. Once I figure out how to read and callibrate all the aiming point info this reticle offers up!


Definately one for your considerations. :thumbs:





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