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Stags, roebucks and muntjacs

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The last few years i have been hunting sevaral times in England and I only have good things to say about it.

I might have been lucky, but I have only been having very good experience with it. I did meet a lot of nice friendly openminded people.

I have been hunting several places in Europe, but for me England will always be my favorite, especially because of all the different animals you have, the well educated gamekeepers, the people we meet on the hotels and pubs, well i just cant wait to go back.


Here is a few pictures of some of the animals what we did shoot over the last 2-3 years, I hope you like them.


Here is a stag one of my friends shot in september. Its 212 cic point and will after what the gamekeeper said, reach top 3 or 5 over the biggest stags shot in England







Here is one another friend of mine shot the year before. And its 205 cic points




And here is a few of the roebucks and muntjacs we were lucky to get.






A very nice goldmedal muntjac




Look at this "grey ghost", the gamekeeper told us it was really seldom to see them in that colour in july'




my first muntjac hunt and i got them both after 1 hour of hunting....i couldnt believe how lucky i was.



A stag we saved for a couple of years



I hope you now can understand why i love to go hunting in England.

All the best


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Some excellent cervids there LBJ especially the stag...

+1 Rep for the post..

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Thank you very much.

Everything besides the big muntjac is actually from Norfolk and from the boarder Norfolk/Suffolk.


I have been hunting in Devon and Dorset too, but never had a chance on one of the big roebucks from there.

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Nice trophies , must have cost a fortune ???? Which country are you from ?


Thank you very much.


Well of course so big trophies as the reds are a bit expencive, but again, they are cheaper than in Hungary.

We are shooting roebucks at a friends place and for us its not so important to shoot many trophies, we prefer to find some old or abnormal heads and thats not so easy, so often we only shot one or two each in 5 days hunting, but thats perfect for us, we are there to have a good time with my friend and visiting the pub now and then :D


And in frrom Denmark, so if you cant understand what im writing,just ask and i will try to explain what i mean :icon_redface:

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Some very nice Beasts, and can understand your writing 100%, going to watch Man United V AC Milan and have a beer :drink:

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Very nice picture!


I love the big Roe bucks and the freak heads.


We were out most of today shooting Roe Does and saw several very big bucks, one was half cleaned of velvet and sure to be a big medal.




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Nice hunting them stags look like park stags were they wild or fenced.


They are wild stags.

1 from 2009 and 1 from 2008.

The living stag is also wild and from 2008..

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Some very nice Beasts, and can understand your writing 100%, going to watch Man United V AC Milan and have a beer :drink:


You are writing to a man united fan...but after 33 min Milan leads 1-0 :censored:

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A very good time you had here LBJ,and,long may it last mate,a great Munty too.....I love Munties.Here is a weird head for you LBJ first in velvet...........




And here in hard antler,and on the grass...........






hope you enjoy the pics LBJ



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Well thats a super trophy.

It's brilliant you had the photos of him in velvet too.

Did you shoot him yourself?

Well anyway thanks for the pictures, i just love those abnormal heads, but that one belongs to the best i'd ever seen.

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