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  1. Hi S/H That use to be my set up for a good number of years, .270 & Swaro on top, before you were allowed Mod's When i got the mod for it, what a difference it made, cut down the mule kick I change my set up just because i don't shoot Reds any more. And another reason is because i reload my own ammo and save a lot of £££s from .270 down to .223. Just shoot Roe's and Foxes now so the .223 does it for me. But my opinion is you cannot have to much Rifle, it's all down to shot placement and i shot Reds/Roe's/Foxes all with the .270. ATB Wullie.
  2. Hi Guy's My pennies worth, tin hat on for flak/bullet's You cannot beat out in the field at your own target's, ie my own are 50-100-150-200yrds And give it a go in all conditions rain, wind, snow ect. It help's to get to know your rifle. My Rifle is zeroed at 100yrds and i know where to aim for up to 200yrds beyond that i just don't shoot live quarry. ATB Wullie.
  3. Hi I have Rem SPS Stainless .223. Did not like the stock, changed it for HS Precision stock As for the 1/12 twist, i Shoot 40gr V Max for Foxes, and Sierra 53gr Hollow Points for paper, and Sierra 55gr Gamekings for Roe Deer The 40gr & 55gr cloverleaf @ 100yrds, and the 53gr one hole @ 100yrds when i am shooting ok. Powder i use is VihtV N133. ATB Wullie.
  4. Sierra Gamekings 55gr Bug holes @ 100 yrds
  5. Hi I use VihtV N133, Hornady 40gr V Max for Foxes and they are very accurate and devastation when they hit! VihtV N133, Sierra Gamekings 55gr for Roe Deer and they also very accurate do a very good job. Have tried a few powders but VihtV N133 get's my ATB Wullie.
  6. Nothing better when it all fall's into place ATB Wullie
  7. Last time i was in at Glasgow (Pitt St) got a Variation done over the counter, 15mins later walking out the door sorted! ATB Wullie.
  8. Hi as Title say's Looking for Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge ATB Wullie.
  9. Nice one mate! I think your friend deserves a large Drink! bet you could do with one also
  10. Hi Barrel Twist Rate 1:14" 1:12" 1:9" 1:8" 1:7" or 1:6.5" Max Bullet Weight 55gr FB 65gr FB 73gr BT 80gr BT 90gr BT VLD All bullet's above 65gr in my Rifle will not stabilize! also my Rifle is the same as your 1/12tw ATB Wullie
  11. I would give it to the dog Or have a big Toilet Roll handy for the Sh-t's :boogy: Wullie.
  12. Talk nice to your Farmer friend and get the Land owner to give him the shooting permission for you As i have had to do in the passed, a bottle of Good Whiskey usually will do this ATB Wullie.
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