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  1. flytie

    Muzzle Protectors.

    JD, I was taught on my DSC1 to put electricians tape over the muzzle/moderator and that works well. I believe that Mauser do a plastic circle that fits in the muzzle on their MO3. ft
  2. flytie

    still no luck

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Cover is far too high IMO. just went and did it now. ill leave it now and go have a look out tomoro morning They are going to love all that new growth Jack, you lucky blighter ft
  3. flytie

    Time out

    John, I hope everything goes well! When you make your pilgrimage to Waynes I hope to have the pleasure of buying you a pint. Regards, ft
  4. flytie

    got a query

    AB, PM sent. ft
  5. flytie


    These are good; http://www.orvis.co.uk/store/product.aspx?pf_id=7910&dir_id=466&group_id=10625&cat_id=11585&subcat_id=11586 ft
  6. flytie

    got a query

    Jack, lets get away from this measuring contest and get back to the question; People who pay to stalk want trophy heads, and will pay a huge amount for them. So the stalkers take out poor animals and leave the better ones. As soon as one has reached his peak and might start to go back they sell them on to stalkers. Those who look after the management of deer want to preserve the good genetics and so leave the better animals. If on our own little patches we have a good beast he will be left alone, unless you are one of the shoot on sight brigade. I leave my better fallow, along with the other local stalkers, and take out the infirm, ungainly and poor beasts. I have few roe on my patch, and only take poor beasts or yearlings. Muntjac I shoot on sight, but very, very rarely come across them. On Mike Robinsons new DVD "Hunt, Prepare & Cook" there is a cracking piece done by the stalker he is with on ageing red deer by their antlers and conformation. It's well worth a look. ft
  7. flytie

    What sub round in a .22 CZ 452

    I have been using Eley subs (and Eley Match too) to reasonable effect, but have been wondering about the Lapua subs. Anyone tried them? ft
  8. flytie

    what calibre next?

    If you want to reload and have a devastating deer round, I can't see past the 7mm-08. It has one of the most efficient uses of powder that I can find in any set of reloading tables I use a 6.5x55 as my main squeeze, and they are good. Then there is the 6.5 x 284 to consider if you want to punch paper, I do not think it would give you any advantge over the 7mm-08 for stalking though. If I could have found a reasonably priced one that I liked I would have had one for a second rifle. I couldn't so i have gone for a 7x64, which has performance similar to the .280 and the 7mm rem mag. I do not rate the .243 as a deer round, this is only a personal thing from personal experience. I know lots of people love their "dog guns", it is a fine round. Specifically developed as a wildcat for "varminting", it has few peers for that purpose, but I do belive their are better calibres for deer Now I will go and find my tin hat and wait for the excrement to hit the whirly thing ft
  9. flytie

    Reloading Virgin

    The first book I got was ABC's of Reloading. Loads of info and a good base for further reading. Have a search for it on amazon, relatively cheap and free postage Another vote for this book - ideal for the novice. Also U Tube have some very good vids on reloading - especially by Ammosmith Yet another for the ABC's of reloading. Richard Lee's book of Modern Reloading is good too, I also have the Hornady book and the Lyman one too. All give you a step by step guide of what to, and not to, do! I have the Lee kit with one or two RCBS add ons. Many world records are held or have been held by people using Lee reloading kit. Don't be put off by the nay sayers, Lee kit works well and they stand by their guarantee. ft Edit; There are lots of reloading charts, load tables etc. on the web!
  10. flytie

    High Velocity

    It semms that you need to try every make of cartridge/shell that you can to find out what suits your rifle. My .22rf likes Eley Match, hates Stingers etc. I wouldn't write high velocity rounds off so soon, just keep trying different makes. ft
  11. flytie


    My 75 Finnlight will produce groups like this, and this was my first attempt at reloading, I can do better now. Be careful with the Steyr, they are noted for having problems with the plastic stocks, better with the mk2 than the mk1. The wood ones look nice! Also if you ever want it rebarrelled you have to send it back to the factory as the barrels are not fitted normally. No custom gunsmiths, repeat that no/none/nada, use steyr's. Quite a few will use Sako's. ft
  12. flytie

    greedy cxunt

    MM, Don't believe all you are told. I shoot on Bredon too and we still have quite a few about. I believe Mr Davies might have lost the shooting now, so don't worry too much. ft
  13. flytie

    A rhino not a unicorn.

    Great pictures, great head too! I think I would rather have that in the garage (wife problem) than many a perfectly formed one. Outstanding!!!!! ft
  14. flytie

    Big roe buck

    I would love to know what that beauty weighs out at and how it's scored. Well done that man I like that you have waited till he was going back, what must he have been like in his prime?!!!!!! Just occassionally I have a nice buck on a small patch local to me. As there is a lot of shooting pressure in the area I leave him alone, it's always a pleasure to see him. ft
  15. flytie

    what is your

    BN, I try to stay within my ability (not ambition) and heart lung most of my deer. I ocassionally neck shoot If I am really close or need to take the first shot that presents on welfare grounds. I am happy to go with "Best Practise" as publicised by BASC/BDS. I do not care for "dialing in" and "long distance sniping" at deer, I prefer to stalk! Fair play to you if you do "dial in", use range finders, anemometers and drop charts while shooting deer, just don't call it stalking, because it isn't I reserve head shooting for humane dispatch, I do not think it has any place in everyday stalking. I had to dispatch two fallow last year that had their jaws blown off by some numpty who thought he could head shoot ft