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  1. A free to attend Competence awareness day. http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/51914-Competence-Awareness-Day-East-Kilbride-2nd-March-2013
  2. Roger Norton you could not tell the truth if it smacked you in that weasel face of yours. LMFAO good night old fella.
  3. I know how you feel stuart it must be an age thing
  4. Stuart if you are correct then he has certainly got his facts wrong and should be very careful what he writes. Unlike me Roger takes a lot of money from the public purse from the FCS and they have invested heavily in the LDNS . If he has a vendetta against me fine but i believe he should keep it between me and himself and should make sure he portrays the truth . . But like your post your not sure of very much now are you.
  5. That is a very large committee and i am sure will be thinned down to just 6-7 Then if the correct people are in place we should know what is going on from the out set. If not everything will be done behind the schemes and the looser will always be the deer stalkers on the ground. With regards what Roger Norton wrote about deer group that is a very damning report and one that needs looked into. If this is the way that groups are operating then it is disgraceful. As Roger knows well i have more than enough deer stalking available to me than any one really needs and have never minded sharing.Roge
  6. Good job of work Foxdropper and sounds like good weather to be out in.
  7. +1 at foxdroppers post i have seen it a few times here we have some realy nasty fences on some of my good roe ground and we get that type of injury ps sound like you had a real good doo well done.
  8. Only got the bullet back a few times and normally big beasts but when you do its nice to know your bullet done what it was designed to do.
  9. Thats not the place for a highseat to much public attention but i have plenty up in areas were they are safer
  10. No worry there Martin they will be there when the time finnally comes .How you getting on mate you up about.
  11. Roe deer so near yet so far got a new bit of ground just waiting for the paper work to come through as its close to roads and needs cleared .I was told it was on a chaps desk who view the ground with me. I phoned its still there and he will send when he comes back from his 3 week brake. lmfao and i looked over the field this morning and there they were seven teen roe. picture only has seven in. The road above is the [bANNED TEXT] MOTORWAY. FOX SITTING LAST WEEK WE LET IT OFF DEER
  12. Mudman clean weight were i am from is always as the game dealer takes it torso only. But some leave head and legs on when weighing. but i have never heard of a clean weight described as only removing green graloch 68 lb clean is a big animal and more likely to have been a different species of deer eg fallow sika
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