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My custom bad boy     I'm saving up for a scope.  

My Webley Raider 10 shot, .22 (Real Mans Calibre), 3-9x50 and a swift precision moderator.     Richard

According to the spreadsheet i've got a hundred and fifty one but i've more that need work, Haven't counted them though   I have a box room where they're all kept, It took me an hour and a half to

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their we go now just leave it at that if someone doesn't beleive something they don't have to tell the world their opinion.

its simple a few true words and alot of angry people with no knowledge of the situation.


no harm done period [quote}


You say.....'if someone doesn't beleive something they don't have to tell the world their opinion.' It's a public forum, mate, so isn't that what it's all about?


You've put up a VERY bold claim, so how can you expect folks not to comment??


However you try to justify it you simply cannot try to claim that whatever you did was a good idea and that you'd recomend anyone else to try it? There's a lot of new shooters read these threads and those kind of wild claims only give them the wrong idea.


We're ment to promote responsible shooting here and you're not helping one bit, mate.



shooting that distance doesn't make us irresponsible shooters, as we have said before we know what the gun is capable of and we didn't miss the rabbit. it is just experience, and yes new comers will read this. and if they read all of it they will know that we had the gun zeroed in at that range the conditions on the day we almost perfect end of

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but my house is bigger than yours'stongue2.giflaugh.gif



And your imagination is bigger than everybody`s :feck:


good comeback! want a gold star ?



Ye i`ll swap it for some batteries for your rangefinder ....... :feck:


its alright you probably need it to power your pace maker old man

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