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  1. But our car's faster than your's but my house is bigger than yours's
  2. i'm not premoting anything just saying what we've done. if other people decide to try and do it and fail we have not made them said its a good idea or said its recommended thing. just its possible with practise. but this whole argument has made it into a bad thing
  3. Yep and next week or month it will be how you shot a fox or deer at 135 yard with your 12ftlb air rifle you have been told its not the right thing to do yet you still persist in telling everyone on an open forum, looks great for our sport doesn't it no because i dont know if you know but thats not possible. where as 135yard rabbit is as i know someone who did it and i saw it and you didn't.
  4. http://www.youtube.c...u/3/n8qn0PWWfpo your a bit hypercriticle, you shoudn't be aloud a stone I don't see what that link has to do with me and why you think i am hypercritical or is this the child in you trying to fight back and honour the crap posts that you have put up you just give the sport a bad name,at the end of the day little children and guns dont mix unless supervised by an adult, so find one your missing close we didnt far. so saying we're bad is being hypercriticle. end of
  5. well yeah it should stay. he is only informing you that I killed a rabbit at 135yards making a clean kill their we go now just leave it at that if someone doesn't beleive something they don't have to tell the world their opinion. its simple a few true words and alot of angry people with no knowledge of the situation. no harm done period
  6. Here we go again, you should read your posts before boasting http://www.thehuntin...es/page__st__15 Read post 14 & 16 & video on post 18 and 19 in my honest opinion you should not have a air rifle or even a pea shooter. http://www.youtube.com/user/ProVerminControl#p/u/3/n8qn0PWWfpo your a bit hypercriticle, you shoudn't be aloud a stone
  7. We have practices at these ranges for quite a while and due to the conditions of the day being a tiny breeze, and we know perfectly what our rifles our capable of. but I do see your point but we are no rookies your actually still a newbie apparently. dale winton
  8. firstly no we dont try to injure the rabbits and we didn't so no harm done. just trying out the new gun. secondly no i'm not i'm just saying a little comment that my friend managed to get a rabbit at that distance perfectly humanly and truthfully. everyone misses at closer ranges but we didn't and don't intend to like EVERYONE!
  9. I was the shooter and it was pretty small but wasnt too bad forgotten what scope tom-praireCS had on his r-10 6-24x50 ir
  10. high i wouldn't know i was only watching my friend shoot. depends what zoom he was using
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