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  1. http://www.clintoncards.co.uk lol
  2. Blueing was asked about last month. CLICK HERE for the thread.
  3. Can't wait for him to get a tooth ache and then we can say goodbye to another dangerous dumbass lol
  4. All sounds good to me. Count me in. Would be good to meet you guys.
  5. I always find taking some bog roll is a must if you are doing an all-dayer. Other than that usually just my knife, gun and ammo. Oh and phone.
  6. Cheers for taking the time for the vid. Nice shooting.
  7. Mine is not great either. I always go by the gauge on the dive bottle rather than the rifle's. I put 4 mags through it and then refill.
  8. In that case, if anyone "asks", its a crow.
  9. I also use the Ledray GL4 and I find it perfect. I have a white led and use a red filter.
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