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  1. While on the subject of foxes and of being somewhat gargantuan in size, and it is often with great glee that foxes conjour such happiness and delight,esecially to the people who hunt them either by gun or better still by a good single Terrier which has been dug to to. Many years ago people and especially the (Terrier men), such news often brought great surprise amongst such hunting folk in general. However, through practical experience it was the somewhat smaller foxes that proved to be much more worthy of an a opponent. "How many times has a good sized Dog-fox seeked refuge behind
  2. Hello David, It was good to hear about your experiences regarding the Sparrow hawks hunting and catching young Rabbits. Of course any particular Falconer , naturalist or hunters know only too well that the (Spars) mainly catch birds and it is always the female of the species in question that will take young Rabbits. Many years ago in a certain local patch of Sherwood Forest, a place called (Thieves Wood) I contently watched a female take young Rabbits on numerous occasions. However, for one to witness such a spectacle is not a common occurrence, so you did decidedly well indeed to see such an
  3. It would be of great interest to find any particular people who fly such a bird in the modern day environment of today, however, I don't think the modern day environment suits such birds, and i'll commit myself to say in that it takes somewhat different a person to do a bird such justice. However , I may be wrong, but i'm not one for the new applied methods and the often new contraptions provided to falconers of today. I am talking of the perhaps my most favoured of the Shortwings: namely the very, somewhat difficult Sparrow hawk. The history of such birds happened many years ago now, wh
  4. The One, it is always accepted that amongst book collectors that the book has their original bindings, original wraps etc. However, the book was found at the right price and needed a total overall so to speak. Plus it was a book for my own personal needs. However, once again i'm pretty certain in that even a book like this could be sold at a profit to the right customer.
  5. There are still some good guys within the game and there are many good lads that still exist within the game". However, some of the lads, from the former years have still many a memory of which is so hard to find within some of the younger type today. "Like i've always said, I just look at a person's dogs and the way they react to their owner of which is the finest indicator that will alway exist between man and dog. Phil, I don't know if we actually read any letters of correspondence between you and Bert, I seem to think either David or myself may have done so. "We are talking perhaps near
  6. "I could quote many a saying by the minds of some great people, and also by some of the great minds i've had the fortunate pleasure of which to meet. However, I don't wish to do so. Also however, i've met some Terrier men and Lurcher men who perhaps didn't have the highest of education, but on that saying some of them had the astute ability to assess certain situations with the greatest of accuracy."They also possessed the sharpest ability to get out of certain unfortunate situations of when confronted from the( Bobbies) with the large hats upon their heads!
  7. I just thought i'd tell any people who are interested in books. I've been back to the Bindery earlier today with another 2 books for certain repairs and alterations. One book is by BB Denys Watkins-Pitchford of which a repair to the spine will be attended to , and also certain endpapers removed with new ones added. Also a book on "The Golden Eagle" will have new marbled boards, new endpapers with green quarter leather. Both books will again be somewhat transformed. Of course it is better to leave books in their original bindings, however, if a book is so damaged then one can pick a fine-
  8. Phil, I must admit i've been in striking distance of you ,so to speak. I think it was at one of the (Waterloo cups) many years a go but stupidly I never came over to speak. I perhaps thought i'd be intruding upon your space. Within hindsight I now know I should have come over and started chatting. David hated it, I mean talking to people. Whether the reason of so many things happening to him before, being let down, used, and so many other things. He suffered from terrible paranoia and delusions. And of course I won't call my own twin brother, but he's the most genuine and trustworthy person an
  9. Just some of my Binoculars. I'd like to hear from any members regarding of which optics they have and use please. My best regards.
  10. Hello Bell I haven't forgot about the (Nightjars). If you still want to go this breeding season just drop me a short message of words please? Also hello to you Phil, hoping you are ok. I have mentioned before about our conversations with you with Bert Gripton. Drop me a message sometime please?
  11. Tomo, yes, they were wonderful times as we had youth on our side, however, age get's everyone in the end. The place you took David was a great place for Rabbits, not ideal to the sandy conditions, no matter what type of ground it is one has to first of all dig it out and then finally once again back -fill the place almost like you've never been there. However, to hunters and the trained eye it's a somewhat simple process to locate a certain warren that has been dug. "On the second occasion going to the same old place, but unfortunately not has profitable unlike the first occasion. "That's when
  12. This is the end result of the original Avicultural book as aforementioned.
  13. Many moons ago I managed to purchase certain books from a life long friend of ours. He has many interests, especially on the subject of (Aviculture) and Gamecocks and certain Bantams. After a somewhat short deal and a little discussion we agreed upon a price for certain books of which had gathered my interest. Within the purchase I managed to obtain a great book on Canaries, Hybrids and British Finches. The contents inside the book were of great condition, very little marks and certainly no inscriptions. However, the book had seen somewhat better days and one of the front boards had started to
  14. Hello Tomo, you old rascal! Didn't we have some great times, especially Ferreting? I can remember you and DAVID going down to your parents house in Suffolk and David had those excellent working Polecat Ferrets. I think you both accounted for 50 or 60 Rabbits on that particular occasion; very good for 2 people! David remembers the day with great fondness and the hospitality from your parents. Wonderful food and Whisky. However, David was hospitalised in (2007), spending 8 months in hospital. "He told myself how he survived the ordeal of which consisted of 3 important factors. Thankfully meeting
  15. Hello Barrie, hoping you are keeping just fine. I read your short article regarding your experiences and the wonderful friendship you had with (Bert Gripton) and enjoyed reading your article due to the true facts that existed at the time concerning your friendship with Bert. My brother and myself also experienced some wonderful times with Bert and of course the knowledge he had not just of the quarry of which he hunted, but also regarding not just the working Terrier, but many other breeds of dogs also. His knowledge was a somewhat bottomless pit and I can remember him on one occasion when I s
  16. Hello to all the Falconry guys on the Hunting life forum. Sometime a go I heard the unfortunate news regarding the sad death of the great Falconer (Roger Upton) and I was somewhat saddened to hear of the unfortunate death of such a giant in the Falconry world. I can say from a very early time when both my brother and myself, age only 15 and flying Sparrow hawks, that even then i'd heard of this great and stupendously,knowledgable Falconer. It seems to me that we have lost so many greats in the field sports world. However, it is with great satisfaction and pride that we've had the chan







      Ok no problem thanks for getting back to me anyway pal cheers

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