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    40 pound foxes.

    While on the subject of foxes and of being somewhat gargantuan in size, and it is often with great glee that foxes conjour such happiness and delight,esecially to the people who hunt them either by gun or better still by a good single Terrier which has been dug to to. Many years ago people and especially the (Terrier men), such news often brought great surprise amongst such hunting folk in general. However, through practical experience it was the somewhat smaller foxes that proved to be much more worthy of an a opponent. "How many times has a good sized Dog-fox seeked refuge behind a small scrawny, diminutive vixen; a vixen that lacks size, but makes up in guts. Many years ago a large dog Fox was ran to ground with a Collie x Lurcher, and every terrier sent to evict such a fox was met with severe punishment. Eventually the Fox was accounted for and weighed the grand old weight of just a tad over 21and a half pounds. A good sized fox produced in the vicinity of Newark in Nottinghamshire. In many of the sandy locations within the dukeries in Nottinghamshire there has often many a good sized fox accounted for. Also on so many occasions, especially regarding small Foxes many Terriers can find themselves severely knocked about. Also many, many years ago now (Bert Gripton) had a very large sized Foxes mask on his cottage wall. And he often remarked upon the large size due to the the fox being fed upon an imbalance of hormones fed to capons. Another wonderful spectacle, especially within the vicinity of Nottinghamshire, is of the different colours within the fox population and many jet black Foxes have often been recorded. "Catching Foxes is such a wonderful experience.
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    The completed new book.

    This is the end result of the original Avicultural book as aforementioned.
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    certain topics of interest, Falconry adventures.

    Hello David, It was good to hear about your experiences regarding the Sparrow hawks hunting and catching young Rabbits. Of course any particular Falconer , naturalist or hunters know only too well that the (Spars) mainly catch birds and it is always the female of the species in question that will take young Rabbits. Many years ago in a certain local patch of Sherwood Forest, a place called (Thieves Wood) I contently watched a female take young Rabbits on numerous occasions. However, for one to witness such a spectacle is not a common occurrence, so you did decidedly well indeed to see such an event.In my humble opinion, I think the Sparrow hawk for its diminutive and somewhat delicate weight is one of certain renown and is very difficult to equal. All of the (shortwing) family are excellent hunters. "I can only talk about certain situations that I have personally experienced for myself and also seen and had the fortunate privilege of seeing friends or other Falconer's birds in the field. The Sparrow hawk has always, and will always be a firm favourite when talking about any of the (Raptors) and of which i'd also include the Cooper's Hawk, Shikra, sharp -shinned and also of course the Goshawk. One of the finest of sights to see is the "Blackbird" hawking using Sparrow hawks, especially the Muskets and is both a fast and furious sport of which one never forgets! "It is quite breath-taking at the somewhat array of quarry species that is so often taken,especially by the females. However, Muskets can also be very impressive in the right hands.....
  4. It would be of great interest to find any particular people who fly such a bird in the modern day environment of today, however, I don't think the modern day environment suits such birds, and i'll commit myself to say in that it takes somewhat different a person to do a bird such justice. However , I may be wrong, but i'm not one for the new applied methods and the often new contraptions provided to falconers of today. I am talking of the perhaps my most favoured of the Shortwings: namely the very, somewhat difficult Sparrow hawk. The history of such birds happened many years ago now, whereas a very experienced Falconer asked myself if my (Musket) would take on a large party of Tree Sparrows that were chatting and squabbling amongst themselves in a very thick Hawthorn hedge. Of which I confidently replied the birds would not just take them on, but happily slay certain victims within the bunch of birds of birds also and also proving himself to be a very adept Black Bird hawk. Unfortunately my bird, (Jez) was subsequently lost after his successful flights at earlier Hedge Sparrows and then of the somewhat stupendous flight at a beautiful, and fit Song Thush. "I have the wings as a memento to mark the somewhat excellent and glorious flight. "He was as many people can testify a good Black bird Hawk, and on another memorable occasion also took a little owl. the Little Owl being released and totally unharmed without any further injury.
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    The completed new book.

    The One, it is always accepted that amongst book collectors that the book has their original bindings, original wraps etc. However, the book was found at the right price and needed a total overall so to speak. Plus it was a book for my own personal needs. However, once again i'm pretty certain in that even a book like this could be sold at a profit to the right customer.
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    The completed new book.

    "Yes Mick , more or less"!
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    Roger Upton Falconer

    There are still some good guys within the game and there are many good lads that still exist within the game". However, some of the lads, from the former years have still many a memory of which is so hard to find within some of the younger type today. "Like i've always said, I just look at a person's dogs and the way they react to their owner of which is the finest indicator that will alway exist between man and dog. Phil, I don't know if we actually read any letters of correspondence between you and Bert, I seem to think either David or myself may have done so. "We are talking perhaps nearly 30 years or more years ago now.
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    The completed new book.

    "I could quote many a saying by the minds of some great people, and also by some of the great minds i've had the fortunate pleasure of which to meet. However, I don't wish to do so. Also however, i've met some Terrier men and Lurcher men who perhaps didn't have the highest of education, but on that saying some of them had the astute ability to assess certain situations with the greatest of accuracy."They also possessed the sharpest ability to get out of certain unfortunate situations of when confronted from the( Bobbies) with the large hats upon their heads!
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    Roger Upton Falconer

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    The completed new book.

    I just thought i'd tell any people who are interested in books. I've been back to the Bindery earlier today with another 2 books for certain repairs and alterations. One book is by BB Denys Watkins-Pitchford of which a repair to the spine will be attended to , and also certain endpapers removed with new ones added. Also a book on "The Golden Eagle" will have new marbled boards, new endpapers with green quarter leather. Both books will again be somewhat transformed. Of course it is better to leave books in their original bindings, however, if a book is so damaged then one can pick a fine-leather binding to one's own choice or particular style. The finished books will be shown at a somewhat later date. Regards, Lutra.....
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    Bert Gripton.

    Phil, I must admit i've been in striking distance of you ,so to speak. I think it was at one of the (Waterloo cups) many years a go but stupidly I never came over to speak. I perhaps thought i'd be intruding upon your space. Within hindsight I now know I should have come over and started chatting. David hated it, I mean talking to people. Whether the reason of so many things happening to him before, being let down, used, and so many other things. He suffered from terrible paranoia and delusions. And of course I won't call my own twin brother, but he's the most genuine and trustworthy person anyone could ever meet. "Once you have his trust you've got a friend for life. We had some wonderful times with (Tomo), especially the Ferreting. I don't know of which I preferred, Ferreting in Suffolk or in North Yorkshire. However, they were both good places. In fact at mother's house when I was a youngster an old outhouse door at the bottom had a small hole that would allow a somewhat small Terrier to negotiate. On many occasions my old Russell bitch (Tina) born in approx 1972, we would only be approx 7 years of age, Tina would use the entrance which had all manner of soft clothing of which she'd make a kind of nest out of. But anyway on one particular occasion i'd lost a really good small Polecat Jill and she had been gone for somedays. "Perhaps some readers could explain of what they think, and how such things happen. The Ferret had been seen on numerous occasions and certain people had tried to approach the little jill, however, she'd just dance and jump around in excitement, more for want of playing than actual biting. I'd given up the ghost and thought she gone for good until early one summer morning mother awoke myself with the news that the little Jill was found safe and well, fast a sleep with Tina. "Not only am I a utterly firm believer in the bond of man and dog, but I also believe dogs and Ferrets should be 100 per cent amicable towards each other. I don't have to put things into words, everyone who has seen the Terriers, Ferrets and the people behind them can testify our commitment. However, not so much nowadays, I only have 2 Terriers and David has been decidedly ill and lost the best dog he ever had the privilege to own. She's still sorely missed and he told me he's never been and felt so low at his loss. That's why I hate it when so-called Terrier men and Lurcher men used the very common terms when describing their dogs as tools. "I find that terminology somewhat repugnant. However, we all differ and there are some good people on this forum. I'm so pleased that a certain thread of our great friend the "illustrious Bert Gripton kindly put up by my friend Neil has shown a lot of interest by fellow Terrier men and Lurcher men also. Please don't think I don't like black or coloured Terriers because I do. Plus i've seen some good workers below ground, however many would suffer in the earths in our locality, Nottinghamshire. As it consist mainly of light sand, deadly to any dog! Whereas when a Russell was entered into a large place many years ago of which at one reading we got the dog at 14 ft in depth, but after plenty of patience and letting the dog settle, we managed luckily to find him in the bowels of the earth at a steady 10 ft deep. I soon got through more or less by myself as it didn't take too long and (Jack) was there with a good sized dog Fox. Anyway, sorry for going on for far too long. Thanks Phil, Barry, Tomo and Nick and many others for the correspondence. "I think oneday something should be arranged at a good country public house of course which supports all fieldsports and (Foxhunting) and have a great get together. However, a little bit of sarcasm needed. As the Whisky, Wine and Beer keeps flowing it's surprising how the Foxes increase decidedly in size and the quantity; and it's not just the Foxes that suffer as the poor little Rabbits get caught in their hundreds and Rat's in their thousands. "I'm only joking"! I send my best regards to everyone.... Good Luck and keep the flag flying! Straight tracks clear skies as a Dutch friend used to say.....
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    Various Optics

    Just some of my Binoculars. I'd like to hear from any members regarding of which optics they have and use please. My best regards.
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    Roger Upton Falconer

    Thanks Phil, take care.
  14. Lutra Lutra

    Roger Upton Falconer

    Hello Bell I haven't forgot about the (Nightjars). If you still want to go this breeding season just drop me a short message of words please? Also hello to you Phil, hoping you are ok. I have mentioned before about our conversations with you with Bert Gripton. Drop me a message sometime please?
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    Bert Gripton.

  16. Lutra Lutra

    Bert Gripton.

    Tomo, yes, they were wonderful times as we had youth on our side, however, age get's everyone in the end. The place you took David was a great place for Rabbits, not ideal to the sandy conditions, no matter what type of ground it is one has to first of all dig it out and then finally once again back -fill the place almost like you've never been there. However, to hunters and the trained eye it's a somewhat simple process to locate a certain warren that has been dug. "On the second occasion going to the same old place, but unfortunately not has profitable unlike the first occasion. "That's when the keeper's came and we'd hid the Rabbits, I loosed my net bag, dropped my box to the ground of which contained our Ferrets. "That's when one of the keeper's got a little scared and replied that they wasn't there for any trouble. However, when they saw us go on our way and pick up approx 39 Rabbits, of course the annoyance set in. However, in retrospect those 2 keepers were very good ones. "It could have been so much different of course. Tomo, I see you are doing good with the Ferrets, you've always done a proper job with those fine little things. I love them but I think you'll know that we, especially David used his Jills for a lot of Ratting and unfortunately I know he lost so many to Rats, especially through shock and bad wounds. However, our Ferrets virtually lived with us, or more so the other way round, we lived virtually with them! In over 30 years i've only ever seen I jill killed out right by a Rat. It was a small Polecat Jill, entered into a large ash bank and encountered a Doe that had just had a litter of youngster's, and only a few hours old. Although the Jill was a lethal Rat killer this particular Rat wasn't moving anywhere due to her defending the helpless youngster's that's when a Doe is the most dangerous, however when Rats reach about 3 weeks of age and can run about freely, then circumstances change in a different direction. "Every man for himself springs to mind"! The other time I saw a really good Ferret killed was 38 years ago and the Ferret, a beautiful white Jill and remarkably tame, they had to be , we had no time for biters. It was David's Jill and she entered a large sandy place on a bankside situated next to a stream below. Rabbits in residence but also there was a large dog Fox curled up in another part of the warren and weighing above 21 1b in weight, a Ferret of course is certainly no match for such things. The Jill was killed and we entered the great little dog Betsy and we dug a 6 foot hole to both dog and Fox.It's somewhat strange of how life works out, all the dogs there that day have unfortunately been gone for years. Even the guy with us, (Ian Clay) is also dead and buried through cancer at the somewhat mere age of 40. He met his untimely demise, however, those experiences that occurred all those years ago will forever be etched within my memory. Apologies for going off topic! Hope you are keeping just fine Tomo. Our best thoughts and wishes !
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    Book back from Bindery

    Many moons ago I managed to purchase certain books from a life long friend of ours. He has many interests, especially on the subject of (Aviculture) and Gamecocks and certain Bantams. After a somewhat short deal and a little discussion we agreed upon a price for certain books of which had gathered my interest. Within the purchase I managed to obtain a great book on Canaries, Hybrids and British Finches. The contents inside the book were of great condition, very little marks and certainly no inscriptions. However, the book had seen somewhat better days and one of the front boards had started to come away completely, so it was decided by myself to further my instructions at the bookbinders of what I actually wanted doing. To cut a very long story short I decided that a complete rebound should be achieved within the very capable hands of this particular Bindery in question. I also went for quarter leather with marbled boards and endpapers with completely new frontispiece, raised bands with gold tooling. The book as aforementioned was completely rebound. I've enclosed the book before it's wonderful and skilful transformation. Hoping any particular Bibliophiles enjoy the final end product. Regards, Lutra Lutra...
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    Bert Gripton.

    Hello Tomo, you old rascal! Didn't we have some great times, especially Ferreting? I can remember you and DAVID going down to your parents house in Suffolk and David had those excellent working Polecat Ferrets. I think you both accounted for 50 or 60 Rabbits on that particular occasion; very good for 2 people! David remembers the day with great fondness and the hospitality from your parents. Wonderful food and Whisky. However, David was hospitalised in (2007), spending 8 months in hospital. "He told myself how he survived the ordeal of which consisted of 3 important factors. Thankfully meeting the great and renowned Professor who treated him, praying fervently, but above everything else, knowing that there and awaiting his arrival was the 3 Terriers back at home. "The hospital staff even let myself take (Topsy), one of his dogs to see him in hospital. Wonderful ! However, onto a somewhat brighter note. So it was you old Buzzard who put the L.A.C.S. piece of paper under the wipers? Take care my friend and thanks for the memories...... Regards......... P.S. You've always been one for playing tricks upon people. Can you remember the days in Grassington Tomo?
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    Bert Gripton.

    Hello Barrie, hoping you are keeping just fine. I read your short article regarding your experiences and the wonderful friendship you had with (Bert Gripton) and enjoyed reading your article due to the true facts that existed at the time concerning your friendship with Bert. My brother and myself also experienced some wonderful times with Bert and of course the knowledge he had not just of the quarry of which he hunted, but also regarding not just the working Terrier, but many other breeds of dogs also. His knowledge was a somewhat bottomless pit and I can remember him on one occasion when I stopped at his cottage in Shropshire, he regaled myself with a colourful account of his certain subordinates within the Terrier world. "Of course I can only speak of our own experiences, however, he was a fount of Knowledge on other subjects also. He did mention yourself Barrie on many occasions.The sad fact of life was that many people had milked him for whatever, perhaps his knowledge, or to further their own causes due to many who have their own hidden agendas unfortunately. He was a great man and a great ambassador to many Field sports, but of course to Terriers and Terrier work.
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    Roger Upton

    Hello to all the Falconry guys on the Hunting life forum. Sometime a go I heard the unfortunate news regarding the sad death of the great Falconer (Roger Upton) and I was somewhat saddened to hear of the unfortunate death of such a giant in the Falconry world. I can say from a very early time when both my brother and myself, age only 15 and flying Sparrow hawks, that even then i'd heard of this great and stupendously,knowledgable Falconer. It seems to me that we have lost so many greats in the field sports world. However, it is with great satisfaction and pride that we've had the chance to meet so many of the great characters within so many types of field sports. And I remember with great fondness and somewhat lucid thoughts when David, a great school friend and myself stood for a considerable time with the also great Hungarian Falconer (Lorant de Bastyai) of which he gave us a lesson of how many sub-species there were related to the Peregrine. "This was at a time when the whole situation regarding field sports was even then so different. I agree with many members regarding so-called legends. Many of the so called ones i've met have been a major disappointment and it was so embarrassing to eventually realise how little they knew, especially concerning the quarry subject. As many members will know, to be really good, one has to study the quarry of which they intend to pursue. My main interest has always been the Fox, Badger and Otter, however, when I was a youngster I had a unhealthy obsession with Rats! And in my opinion to be good at anything one has to put the hours in to the study of the species. Just back to the subject of Roger Upton's death. If anyone could supply anymore information please, that would of course be warmly received. We also lost another great Falconer who was one of the best Falconer's this country has ever seen, namely Stephen Frank and a great gentleman. However, there's so many people you want to meet but sometimes life doesn't allow one to do so for certain obvious reasons. Just with the same situation of losing very good Terrier men, Huntsmen and even certain great masters within the hunting world, one also sees great Falconer's pass by. I hope everyone is enjoying the early days of (2018) and to many of the great guys and the ladies who I have had the privilege to call friends I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Also enclosed a photo of myself with the great guy David Bradley (Casper) of the wonderful film Kes. Sincere regards, Lutra Lutra.







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