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    All aspects of bird keeping I breed many waxbills but true passion is birds of prey .flying Finnish female gos
  1. Nice looking gos what wheight did she fly at
  2. Looks ya all had a good day ,great pics
  3. bry122

    Gos First Kill

    She nailed her first pheasant saturday she,s up to 3lb and looking sharp
  4. bry122

    Lost Gos

    Hope you find him ,then please swap it for a Budgie
  5. bry122


    I,d like to know to
  6. Hi I live in kingswinford flying fem gos Cheers bry
  7. bry122

    Gos First Kill

    First feather she nailed a moorhen,happy days
  8. bry122

    Gos First Kill

    She caught her first rabbit but she,s keen to have a go at anything she, flying at 2.14 I,m sure she,s going to go up from that ,she,s learning fast
  9. bry122

    Gos First Kill

    Hi all my young female gos made her first kill today well chuffed with her
  10. Hi sorry if it sounds a dumb question but new to the game cheers
  11. Hi all looking for a ferret to work with goshawk anything considered west mids area
  12. Hi aii my name is bry I live in kingswinford in west mids after a ten year break from hawking have just bought a young female Finnish goshawk looking forward to meeting new people with a common interest
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