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  1. Where did you find one? i have exactly the same problem as you
  2. Ok so ive orderd gamekeeper catapult with tbg double bands, does that mean i can only shoot 12m+?
  3. Thanks that helps alot, so would single bands and 9.5 steel kill small game?
  4. Yeah like Joshuacharlee said watch Gamekeeper Johns video's they will help you alot. i hadnt shot since i was a little boy and his videos helped me get back into it.
  5. Nice shooting. Wheres a good place to get hold of these hex nuts and how much are they?
  6. Ok thanks for the help, im getting one of johns gamekeeper cattapults, and going to cast up some of my own 12m lead balls that should do the trick. is 9.5/10 steel sufficient for double theraband gold?
  7. Sorry not sure if this is in the right place but ive recent shot about 8 pidgeons all in the chest with my black widow catapult but none of them have actually died. I know this sounds in humane but im i know im a good enough aim to kill a pidgeon so just cant see why they wont die? Iv tried using 8 mm steel balls and catseye marbles but dosent seem to kill, they just fly away. Seems to be a lack of power but iv seen other people hunting with black widows. i even cought one in the chest from about a meter away with a marble and it didnt die....
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