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  1. JohnnyMuddler

    Knock Knock

    Guy int pub said this site an lots folk on is very dangerous. Too many folk on here willing to phone police or rspca on people.. and thats not the folk behind the scenes its well known members
  2. JohnnyMuddler

    Staying With Your Lass

    Guy int pub said theres less commitment in here than hancocks kennels
  3. JohnnyMuddler

    Feral Dog V Greyhound

    The guy int pub said if its an ugly, good for nothing,cowardly cur thats as scared of you as it is its own shadow then you should buy a saluki an save yourself a lot of grief an expense
  4. JohnnyMuddler

    Knock Knock

    Guy downt pub said it will almost guarenteed be the first person you thought it could be...
  5. JohnnyMuddler

    Keeping Them Fit For Winter Time!

    Guy int pub said the quickest way to get a saluki dog fit is show it a fox, it will run that far an that fast it will be as fit a you like when ye eventually coax it back to you
  6. JohnnyMuddler

    Lab Doesn't Want To Pick Up Anymore

    Guy int pub said keep it away from whippets. Whippets are well known for ripping labs about being fat, posh lazy gun dogs. The lab now has a complex an wants to be a real dog
  7. JohnnyMuddler

    Ferret Locators

    Get the mk3 and couple magnetic collars, mine are reliable as you like and deben ain't too bad should they need fixed yet the mk1 is a lot harder to get parts and fixed if needed
  8. JohnnyMuddler

    Epoxy Minnows

    Had them like that, and on a shorter leader with sink tip lines. Caught fishing them upstream, downstream and everything in between, its exciting watching a big trout follow one and strike
  9. JohnnyMuddler

    General Election ...

    Ukip posters in windows all over this area, and this area is die hard tory voters, if I couldn't see them myself id never have believed it, couple of independants here as well going round the doors, but ill very surprised if ukip don't do very well here. And tbh we don't have an immigration problem of any sorts. Maybe hope for country yet
  10. JohnnyMuddler

    Dmitry Belyeav Fox Experiment

    Guy int pub said he will be impressed when then foxes evolve to meow, or sing like a bird
  11. JohnnyMuddler

    Few Minutes With Flirt Pole

    He can play dominoes gnasher, but we suspect he cheats he always wins. And tbh its me that's the pest I could listen to him all-day lol
  12. JohnnyMuddler

    Few Minutes With Flirt Pole

    Yeah that makes sense, I have noticed in past that dogs used for rabbits usually take a couple of trips to get there strike bang on, especially in places where the bunnys ain't hanging around, and even after they get there eye in so to speak, even the smallest lay off for whatever reason can put some dogs strike back to square one, so anything to help is always a bonus. I must confess I never use one and don't intend on doing so unless its to play a fun game with a pup. I'm lucky I live in an area with a few bunnies so even on our daily walks my old mutts get chance to catch odd bunny or 2 for ferret food
  13. JohnnyMuddler

    Few Minutes With Flirt Pole

    He is old and ain't too clever with technology lol he don't even own a mobile phone or a computer
  14. JohnnyMuddler

    Few Minutes With Flirt Pole

    Guy int pub said they help rabbiting dogs improve there strike, turning and like you said its good fun and keeps dogs ticking over, not essential but usefull
  15. JohnnyMuddler

    These Almost Make Sciatica Worth It!

    Guy int pub said don't do what barmaid done, she took some pills off doctor and done a strip tease in beer garden, he loved it tho