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  1. Hi Guys I am thinking of buying a semi auto for using around pheasant pens,dairy farms and for night time rabbit control. I am going to get an atec moderator for it and there will be times when i will want to use subsonic cartridges as well. Has anyone had any experience with this. Would i be better of with inertia or a gas action or should i just opt for a pump? Regards, Mastertech
  2. I know what you mean pirate 9000 its all biased towards the urban majority.
  3. I dont condone wild life crime but why do the BBC insist on trying to tar everyone with the same brush. Why are the RSPB given so much air time compared to BASC?
  4. Did anyone see that bunch of bunny huggers on countryfile today.
  5. Yes mate that's what I'm after. I have three jobs that were lined up for the snip before covud 19 ruined my plans!
  6. Hi Guys Has anyone got a castrated Hob i could borrow for a couple of days to take my Jills out of season. Im in Northumberland near Newcastle.
  7. Hi uk hunter. Got a pulsar xp30 good piece of kit. Small enough to fit in the pocket and good performance.
  8. Mate I second that. Got some great advice before purchasing my thermal. Top bloke to deal with.
  9. Lads I can see this being a new hobby! I have two bsa meteors and a cadet laying in the cabinet all in need of some serious TLC. Any advice or helpful websites would be appreciated. Regards, matertech.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I have been working in a garage for 35 years now so I'm looking forward to getting some fresh air in my lungs!
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Any additions to the subject will be more than welcome. Regards, Mastertech
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. Any additions to the subject will be more than welcome. Regards, Mastertech
  13. Hi Guys I have been mole trapping for a while now as favours for the landowners on my shooting permissions. Im now getting asked to trap for the public and other farmers but i have not got a clue what the going rates are. As im just a few years off from when i hope i can retire im thinking this could be a nice sideline. If you could give me any advice i would appreciate it. Regards, Master tech
  14. My boys shoot with a KOFS 28 bore and have shot some cracking birds with it! For the price I don't think you can go wrong, but the cartridges are not cheap. Good shooting.
  15. Cracking post! It's my dream to head south and do some of the stuff you have but family and life get in the way for a while. Make your memories while you still have your youth mate, I look forward to your next post.
  16. Hi Martyn I have a firestorm I bought in the states its got some great sounds on it for foxes and crows. Very good battery life and a good remote, the only word of caution is the FoxPro software doesn't seem to work on windows 8. Happy hunting, Sparky.
  17. Hi there I never thought I could use the word sunny to describe Northumberland! Im into pidgeon and crow shooting, game shooting and lamping foxes and rabbits with rifles and quad. Good hunting, Sparky.
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