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  1. Runlurchers1

    Hennie Gamefowl

    Wiltshire nr bath
  2. Runlurchers1

    Hennie Gamefowl

    Hello lads I haven't been on here for some time now and prob get stick for coming on just to sell something but want to go to proper lads who will appreciate them! Got three hennie cocks and one stag for sale also 4 or five hennie bred hens and pullets We have between a couple of us had this strain for 5 years and % of young cocks will b hennie coloured! Only for sale as to be honest all of us have been busy with work and not got time for it like we had and losing interest Also nice ginger stag and a black red Cockbird to go aswell May b a few other things if I have a look All very game birds and must b kept apart Can send pics via whatsapp as can't seem to load on here Birds are all English Offers
  3. Runlurchers1


    Thanks mate
  4. Runlurchers1


    It's a tropical fruit eater, size of pigeon and builds a nest like a pigeon and lays 2 eggs, I don't no how to put pics up!!
  5. Runlurchers1


    Hi lads, havnt posted on this section before as been out of the birds for years but I used to keep foreign soft bills,kooks, cranes, wallabys ect . My favourites were the turacos I had thirty odd birds which bred regular . [BANNED TEXT] I gave up I gave a few pairs to mates and have just picked up a young white cheek turaco which was bred from my stock and sold to a young lad that spent a lot of time with it, it sits on ur hand and shoulder eats from hand and follows me like a dog, the lad had to rehome it and rang me for help so the bird is with me but I can't and havnt got time for it it is a lovely bird and looking for a new home if anyone interested I said I would sell it for him, I used to sell mine for £300 a pair, this bird is very tame and worth every penny £
  6. Runlurchers1


    Sorry lads me and my mate will sort them out this week and take some pics
  7. Runlurchers1


    Got Irish muffs for sale if anyone interested
  8. Runlurchers1

    Strange Coloured Rabbit While Out With Dog And Lamp

    I used to breed fancy rabbits as a kid for a couple of pet shops and bred a lot of Dutch rabbits which are marked the same so prob a pet Dutch was released and bred with wild ones. I ferreted a pure white one last year and on the same farm there is a lot with white patches on also shot blues blacks and ginger ones on lamp!!!
  9. Runlurchers1

    Ratting Days And Tools

    I think it's not just the smoke but the vibrations from a 2 stroke engine that bolts em. A good day about ten year ago we were in a pheasant pen and just started the motor and put on the ground and rats were bolting before the pipe went down a tunnel!!!!
  10. Runlurchers1

    Good Days Ratting

    Can't seem to load pics or vid?? I am on my iPhone as don't have a PC is that the problem??? If anyone out there could point me in the [BANNED TEXT] direction?
  11. Runlurchers1

    Good Days Ratting

    Alrite lads havnt posted much on here but feel I need to share with u a bloody good days ratting. Now I havnt been ratting well proper ratting in about 7 years( had a few in garden) so took this invite to a chicken farm with both hands. I loaded up the truck with a few sticks and spades and of course my team of terriers. I have three seven year old fell types which I do a lot of digging with, a year old pup out of two of the older ones and a lakey dog I bred who is three and really is my seven year old daughters dog but wanted to see what he would do as only had six foxes with him. We got to the farm in the afternoon just in time as they had just started moving the shed. Got the dogs out and on leads as a few hens were still milling about but these soon fled once we got started with rats goin all ways so dogs off and we had started took a couple to them into it but all were away happily killing rats. And much to my surprise it was the lakey dog and the pup doing most of the work. After three hours of work with a water break half way we had just over 200 rats in the bag and a happy farmer with an invite back nxt month!!!! Another old boy joined us with a couple of russle types which u can c in pics . Got the old smoker out a day or two later and she still goes!! Happy days!!!
  12. Runlurchers1

    Dog Eating Rabbits

    I had a Bullx dog which would catch as many rabbits as any little rabbiting dog at the start of a nite out but would struggle to catch any at the end of the nite because the bugger would eat them!!!! I got me self a treadmill and got me self fit to run and grab them before he ate them lol!!!
  13. Runlurchers1

    Land Rover Defender 300 Tdi P Reg

    Is it a 90 or 110 mate? Any pics?
  14. Runlurchers1

    Birthday Buck - Amazing Second Stalk

    Tidy buck mate!!
  15. Runlurchers1

    17 Hmr

    Hello lads just got a cz 17 hmr which I was going to zero at 100 yards but a few have said 37 to 40 yards as it will then fly flat to 110 120 yards. Any comments would b if help!! Atb runlurchers1