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  1. My bitch. 22" - Beddy/grey x Grey/whippet/bull/dhound/collie
  2. Non myself pal.. Still looking about for some seem quite hard to come by.. sorry
  3. Never seen in person. Saw a couple of minature muffed on Pre loved... would love a couple meself
  4. Thanks pal. Yeah a young stag, got it given, got one oxford hen of my own so will experiment next yr see how things turn out. thanks bud
  5. Looking for a decent but cheap courier for poultry.. any recommendations / contact numbers? thanks, Brad.
  6. Too far for me pal. Thanks though. Do you know of anyone who keeps/breeds oxford minatures
  7. Hi all, Looking for a pair of Oxford miniatures. Been looking for a while and found them hard to come by, Carlisle are plentiful but not what i'm after.. Any help or anyone point me in right direction would be much appreciated. Regards, Brad
  8. Looking for a pair of Oxford bantams, preferably no older than 12 months, Based in East Lancashire but willing to pay courier for right birds, any info much appreciated, many thanks
  9. I'm looking for a Barbour quilted jacket. Liddlesdale or something similar. S-M Mens, Must be in good condition. Pm me if you have anything. Regards, Brad.
  10. Was speaking to a lad about some Oxford bantams he said he sold between 120-180 a pair Not for me bud
  11. The hodder isn't far from me. If i'm right, it's just past Clitheroe way. I think they still have a hunt...
  12. Ya i'd say Sussex... Welsummer produce nice eggs, I found that some times be very prolific then go off for a few days.. Warrens / Hybrids are very prolific layers also
  13. I would love to have permission round here pal. Beautiful countryside I love to be out and out in we dogs, most the farmers know me but they don't want lads on land, people walking it throughout summer in gangs, dropping bambi and leaving carcasses and dead billys in field, it f****d job up for everyone, it seems to be same most places, the odd people who will give permission have already got lads on, and they won't want to share or lose it, most farmers / landowners don't want to know full stop. It's the only option to Poach.. but I do it the old way Iv'e also got a little beddy x lurcher bitch on now. Once she gets scent she can be hard work to get back, but being young and follow it down lol
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