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  1. Welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to hearing more about you White
  2. looks a good size hutch, bet its a monster when its done. how many are you looking to house? White
  3. haha those dogs! "aint my pups, must be yours" cute little things though
  4. Hope he's enjoying it more than myself Have a free BUMP
  5. I don't want to be overlooking something simplistic but knowing what I do about animals/pets I've had before some hybrids and sub species can require specific needs and different lifestyles compared to the original specie. I am quite proud of my pets as I don't have kids, so they're like my babies instead and I like to be prepared for any ill no doubt be getting- however, no books on micro ferrets and the net holds many opinions on this subject than factual notes.
  6. Thanks Jenny, you're a star I already have two hobs (one pole' and one albino, brothers) and they're funny as any pet I've had before. No need for laminate flooring as these are the chuckle brothers of the ferret world. However, I keep these in a luxurious outdoor hutch and soon to castrate them, to see if it enhances attitudes and lessens the smell to eventually bring them indoors. My main interest in the topic is for the misses. She's a typical lass: house proud and loves anything pink and fluffy/smooth; not my large, rough playing and rather smelly boys but she'd love micros if she
  7. Not a bad fee, some reason I expected a little more but 8 weeks? Wouldn't bother me. Probably a silly question, how many times could you tune this before it turns into a FAC?
  8. PM me if you come to sell the springer lol
  9. Or newsagents or gumtree..... Haha I'll stop bothering you now ^_^
  10. I'll repay the favour and forward Tomo and Gaz from now on for you
  11. Hahaha! Just a tip, if you download the Photobucket APP and upload your pics, the "" codes you can use to upload the pics to the forum. A little detour but efficient All the best with the sale, someone will be pleased with this. White
  12. your first image is small, i don't suppose you uploaded the thumbnail instead?
  13. Now you're just showing off with how much you already know about these Micros Had any yourself by any chance? White
  14. I know it sounds soft but I've moved from Telford back to my mums on the Wirral (same journey almost) but there places around here covered by farm land, the farmers and landowners aren't on google so it's a case of hopping on your bicycle sometimes and finding even the odd house to ask who owns the land behind them.... It will all pay off, it's hard work initially but you'll get there and I'm sure you'll be pleased you went the extra mile to get it The forum is full of people who have done this process once or many times before, so were all here to share our experience, advice or give i
  15. Shall send him a message soon then, not a better person to ask, eh? White
  16. God damn you Rez. You've pushed me over now. deposit going down on Tuesday, .22 and then a .25 if all goes well with this one White
  17. Haha I think I've just become so accustomed to my break barrel springers, I feel like I'm better (and perhaps more challenging) sticking to what I know. Underlevers seem great and I wouldn't mind a Diana sidelever but for my current and previous permissions of waking the woods, minimal movement and quick reloading is something we all appreciate, compared to the privileges of sitting on a field edge hunting rabbits. I think the 98 is a step up from my BSA's and I feel like it's a rifle I could tune up and would make a difference too, did it cost much at SFS? Looks a beautiful stock t
  18. Thanks pal. I managed to find the thread but by the time I found your post, I couldn't get to see the pictures without signing up- not sure if it's something I want to do at the moment but I appreciate the comment and idea of groupings of an untuned 98 How are you finding it untuned? Do you feel the need or see sense in tuning it? White
  19. Hi Pappabear, Sorry for the delay been busy and didn't notice your notification right away, apologies. I guess if you sat on the other end of the field, there may be slight difference in sound? I did watch a video where they put a few rifles in a sound booth and checked the decibels but that's all fine for lab testing but out in the field is where tests should be made for accusations such as these! For sub £300 and for a first rifle, I think id be rather pleased with one of theses. Glad you've enjoyed it though and had many more kills since? White
  20. thanks matey, you know if hes actually had micro ferrets?
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