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  1. What's the breeding HH..
  2. Nice pup mate. Atb with her
  3. Both of mine have them...done no harm for the last god knows how long...(raw that is)... Atb Ryan...
  4. most genuine dog men would want there dog to get on with ferret...how would it be possible go ferreting with a dog that kills them.and have offers off other people on days out... People that want dog to kill a ferret ain't normal. And are fricken idiots. Atvb lads Ryan
  5. Bloody hell ! Freak accident pal. Sad loss.
  6. Very low mate ... Bang out of order so folk are!! Hope you catch the b*****ds !!
  7. Good write up enjoyable read. Glad the pup has clicked. Atb Ryan.
  8. thieving c**ts want the hands cutting off. sorry to hear that mate.
  9. yes Chris that's him.. doing quite well seen how bad he actually was. atb
  10. i had two out of four last night for the pup.. dogs got more chance catching anything out than has stuck in the kennel...so up yours KEYBOARD warriors!
  11. yep.... working 12 hours a day 5 days a week.. got make most of time off.
  12. im out with the dog tonight.. going head out in a hour .. atb..
  13. have in the back of your mind that if you ever have problems e.g...water service..gas..drainage tarmac and impressed concrete can't be properly reinstated to the original what has been put down so if anything does go wrong and have to have it dug up.. going have a odd patch... my advice would be lay some ducts first underground... atb
  14. i do too.. really pee'd off. love know who the twats are! told my lady ill have go out with the dog because im 'depressed' hahaha...
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