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  1. ???? Whats funny about young dog getting pts????SGW see sorry to hear about the pup. i think that was at me
  2. just starting on bbc2 might be a dog or to in it
  3. i heard elvis was making a comeback
  4. f**k my lurcher pup just in the door with it first kill a cock blackbird could just as easy been a nice tom lol
  5. it like this a tom cat has a territory same as any wild cat . cat owners only think they own them
  6. another thing i dont get they say they were watching an filming this this family for a year how many cats did they sit back an watch getting the chop
  7. see youv bought into it that its someone family pet
  8. it is to try and highlight the consequences of being a plonker!! read some of the comments and you decide if everyone on here knows this is wrong..... this mental attitude and macho videos will only bring down lurchers and terriers. this topic highlights what not to do. a dog killed my cat 6 weeks ago my cat killed the neighbors pigeons every chance it got, his pigeons shite all over people roofs....an nobody complains......maybe they were feral cats the country coming down with them. the method of killing them is the only issue might been kinder to just shoot them
  9. whats the point in this topic is it to score brownie points with the antis
  10. Davro

    Huge Fox

    couple reports of a white one near me,
  11. it would be hard to go back after having striker an lithium pack
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