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  1. Just a few shandy's then . Thanks for taking the time to get back to me Andy, your a gent The gun still has its original spring so it should be no problem then. PM received I'll give you a shout soon. Thanks again. Brian
  2. Great video lad's, top class shooting too.
  3. S2K

    A Walk In The Wheat.

    Know what you mean, they should make them with Kevlar crutch patches sewn in, or do they just know we're going to rip the knackers out of them and buy more My second pair this year It's always the one's I think to myself " I'll get oor that nae bother " then you here that old familiar sound bar-sterward lol!
  4. S2K

    A Hour Round The Paddocks

    Nice bit of shooting mate
  5. S2K

    Another Great Morning With Diana

    Nice shooting Stuart
  6. S2K

    A Walk In The Wheat.

    Great wee read that stealthy, nice bit of shooting too. quid worth of trousers so far this year for me
  7. Cheers mate, Look forward to hearing from you
  8. Thanks very much for info guys, It really is appreciated. Anybody want some Bisley Magnums
  9. Cheers for the advice Mike, I'm building up quite a collection of these pellets now . Can't wait to get back out again
  10. Thanks mole, I'll give him a PM and see what I get back
  11. Welcome mate, best of luck with your rifle hunt
  12. Hi guys, I was thinking of giving my Webley Xocet a face lift as I have injured my knee and I'm unable to get out shooting at the moment . The only problem is I've never worked on an rifle before . I was thinking of fitting a gas-ram and maybe a new sound moderator . Is it easy to fit these gas-rams? I've had browse for info and I haven't really found anything of use. I understand their is a danger when opening the rifle up. I was thinking of making myself a home-made spring decompresser or is this need as I'm quite a big lad who likes his weights. I'm just looking for a bit of advice really and wondering if any you guys have had success with this rifle? Being stuck in this house is driving me round the bend . Cheers Brian
  13. S2K

    Iphone Scope Cam

    this is superb, thanks for sharing
  14. S2K

    The Morning After The Night Before

    Great wee read that, Nice bit of shooting guys
  15. Nice bit of shooting mate, Nice looking rifle too. Looking forward to the next video