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  1. Haven't done much with the air rifles for over a year,so thought I'd better get one out and pay a visit to farm.As I got out of the car two woodies were sitting in the tree opposite,checked the range and bang on 30mtrs.squeezed the trigger and down it came,clean head shot.Had a good walk around the permission but not as many rabbits as I thought there would be.Only got the one but felt good being back out with the air rifle,hopefully the warmer weather will bring the rabbits out again.
  2. Thanks Elliott,I didn't realise it turned until I played it back.Its recorded on the new casio ex zr1200 digital camera at 240 fps
  3. Just a short vid of my first outing with the air rifle this year.Fair few ferals about and saw rabbits around the fields by the farm yard (cant walk around the fields till game season finishes ) Quick trip out this morning,only managed to get a couple as there starting to get a bit wary of me..
  4. Welcome to the gaystate family..
  5. Nice to see you putting the AirWolf to good use Buster,some good shooting..ATB. Ste
  6. Charge it every month whether you use it or not,as said above regarding the huggett they do come up on daystate forum that's were I got mine for the panther,but you have to be quick....Ste
  7. Just a short video of todays outing.Farmer informed me he had seen a lot of rabbits and to take out as many as possible .All rabbits were cleanly dispatched with head shots,ranging between 30---40 mtr's.The rifle with the huggett shroud/silencer was so quiet i managed to shoot 3 rabbits one after the other.Final bag 8 rabbits and 2 ferals..Thanks for watching..Ste
  8. Well done once again Adam,you're a very modest person,i've seen you shoot that rifle and it would take someone on top form to compete against you.As for the rifle you started something many wouldn't attempt,at the end of the day you could have knackered your £1000 rifle,but instead you've restored it to its former glory.Spot on mate.Hope it still shoots as well as it did,no air leaks.ATB..Ste
  9. Job well done Adam,lovely looking piece of walnut.ATB..Ste
  10. Well done Adam ,looks better already.Bit of walnut oil and a lot of rubbing and I believe you will have one stunning looking stock.
  11. I agree with Buster,should be pellet on pellet at that range.If you have a chrono check to see if your shots are consistent,also you can check to see if the probe seal is damaged by placing a piece of tissue over the breach when shooting at a target,if it blows it off change your probe seal.
  12. Thanks for all the comments lads,much appreciated.The camera i use is shown below and takes both still and video.The slow-mo is edited on corel videostudio pro x5.ATB..Ste
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