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  1. Bump for fitchet...
  2. Hot Meat

    How Much Is Thl Worth To Ianb?

    After tax...
  3. Hot Meat

    Last Weeks Effort

    That lad doing well, keep him at it
  4. What's best way to do this lol I can scramble eggs, but duck eggs never turn out too hot lol my kids will eat them boiled and want them scrambled, just I ain't very good at it lol been told to mix them with chook eggs but we want scrambled duck eggs lol can it be done???
  5. Hot Meat

    Jackoleeds ---Justjack

    Your mini me is still with you stabba don't fret lol
  6. Hot Meat

    Jackoleeds ---Justjack

    You grown any Jack? Glad to see your still with us
  7. Hot Meat

    My Post Again

    Surely it's wrong for mods to change somebody's profile tho?
  8. Hot Meat

    My Post Again

  9. Mine were selfies...... lol LOL where did the hair come from then? Out my disguise trunk, I'm not daft as I look you know
  10. I sell signed pics, just pm me lol
  11. I'll find a more appropriate one when I go chazza shopping at weekend giro lol
  12. Ian have you disabled my avatar thing lol I can't put new one up lol
  13. Tbh Ian if you's had asked me I'd a took it off, one went missing yesterday, I though I'd deleted it an put another up, then I saw the thread, you took another down tonight an all I done was say I think this whole country has went bit pc mad, but why the need to keep locking threads?? That makes it look as admin or mods are just childish an want Last say. Granted some threads need locked, but to lock a thread for questioning things is a tad ott
  14. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    Just for record I have reported your avatar as offensive Matt, Sam what ever your name is
  15. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    Is this the new mod way, can't answer your question so lock thread or try take piss, well done Ian you chose well
  16. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    Sam, Matt what ever you call yourself these days, you ain't said why your allowed inappropriate language but others ain't allowed pics?
  17. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    +1 Sad times Sad times perhaps. But it's a change that's happening. After all it's only a pic. Albeit spandex clad wrestlers or the perfect pair. Crack on. Granted I get the message but why don't mods get same memo??
  18. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    You've got a swear word as yours Sam????
  19. Hot Meat

    End Of My Avatar

    Mines gone as well, a fooking male wrestler lol kids watch wrestling go to beaches and swimming pools everyday and see more and worse, I thinks somebody is Taking things a tad too far, sad but true
  20. Hot Meat

    Useless Hob Lol

    Iv got a hob here, he works well and I tried putting him to his mother 7 weeks ago, I then used him on mates Jill afterwards, both have since went over there due date and no Kitts here, I think mates Jill just come out season whereas my Jill had a phantom. Anyways I've just stuck him in with his sister this morn and the soft fooker is humping mid air behind her lol I really wanted Kitts off him and his mum and maybe a sister or 2, but I'm begging g to doubt he will ever suss it out lol Anybody else ever had a useless hob that couldn't seal the deal or you's think he will find it in end lol I hope so or I need a new hob lol
  21. Get cnuts pic up if possible he will only keep changing name
  22. Hot Meat

    Photo Bucket

    Click on the pic while on photobucket On the side of the page there are 4 codes next to your pic Choose img code to put pic on post, or direct link to add a link to that pic on a post Copy the code you need Paste the code into the post on here or wherever you want it When you submit the post it should come up You on laptop or tablet?