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  1. Apologies Rowan, I misread your question. I haven't handled a windsor - but I hope that if you buy one, it's as good as it seems in the shop.
  2. A tidy second hand beretta, browning, winchester 101, miroku etc would be a strong buy. Or an aya no.4 or no.2 if you're into SxS guns. The windsor unless you can get a second hand one for under £500 IMO
  3. My advice FWIW, whack 'em in the spring when they're doing most damage and easier to catch a call bird. Best of luck though
  4. Sounds great, what optics are you using for your long range work?
  5. Can I order 10 putanges, pack of spare triggers and setting pliers please? Pm me your paypal details and I'll pay today Cheers
  6. Some forces are faster than others. If you add in your location, someone might be able to give you a rough estimate.
  7. I dislike the term 'predator control' that you can see described by most of the large organisations these days. The BASC,RSPB etc. all use this description. What's wrong these days with calling it vermin control? Maybe the word vermin is too strong for the British public? Yes they will argue that predator control is a more specific term - but the only predator species we can control are vermin.... Maybe I'm being pedantic, but I don't like it one bit.
  8. Don't worry about using new traps vin, they don't need weathering. Set them right and you'll catch. Fenn 6 or cages for squirrels, and a kania or two if you're feeling flush or doing loft jobs. For mole traps, usually duffus or talpex but make sure you get decent traps, cheap ones are shite. The mole catching dvd from fourteenacre has a good reputation if you need a head start? Hope your training goes well mate and good luck. Trapping IMO is the most rewarding part of general pest control
  9. Sometimes I feel like saying to this type of customer "if you know so much about catching moles why don't you do it your ******* self?!" Maybe I should?! But you're right nicepix, as long as they're paying and keep calling you back is all that matters. On the other hand, some customers are a joy to work for - suppose you have to take the rough with the smooth.
  10. £45 for new customers, £40 for regulars here
  11. I know the guy round here who used to work for the council pest control dept. now works for the private company it was outsourced to. Hopefully you'll be fine mate.
  12. Maybe that's the problem, it does get some punishment this time of year. Trouble is, I haven't found anything that does the job better than a DR5 despite its' faults.
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