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  1. Cheers for that Carl, I'm managing the short chalking sound but it's the second half that's causing me problems. A video clip would help if you've got the time, I appreciate it.
  2. had mine for 6 years and no problems,my mate had his for 3 years,shot it constantly without taking it to bits.he traded it in at pickering guns where the shop opened it up,they were amazed it worked.
  3. hi Perth shire keeper,iv been practicing with the power caller and watching clips of other people on utube but I can't seem to get the pitch as good as those guys. any chance of you showing me on a clip how you go about it ,cheers
  4. cheers for that, iv been trying with the old one and made myself hoarse lol
  5. Just received the newer power crow caller. it's got a higher pitch than the older version, il have to start practicing.
  6. can anyone tell me which mounts would be suitable for a photon 6.5x50 please. I'm fitting the nv to a hw60 17 hmr.iv bee n told that on some rifles you have to pack the rear scope mount to get the Chrosshairs centralized .so I'm looking around for a descent set of adjustable ones. any ideas please.
  7. Iv got the older one but iv just ordered the newer power crow caller today thanks
  8. I watched a utube clip recently of the shooting show where mark gilchrists mate was calling in jackdaws. the sound this lad made was impressive to say the least.iv since found out the caller he was using was a primos power crow caller. I have the previous version and I can't seem to make that pitch of call on my caller. my question is are the two callers identical or is ther a difference with the newer power caller.
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